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  1. I'll be in Vancouver for 2 nights before I drive up to Whistler. January the 15th is a Monday, any one place open for a good meal? It might be the only one in Vancouver, but what about in Whistler, I'll be there 6 nights?
  2. call Paradisio, they have a private room, if the main diningroom is booked.
  3. Martin's Sausage, Reading Terminal. I had them make me some with Turkey, it was great.
  4. Acme, Superfresh-I buy them for the restaurant. We also add extra vinagar and peppers as they get used.
  5. Dune's Restaurant in Margate, one block south of Longport, next to the dairy barn. It's really good, seafood. Open mid-week to weekend.
  6. That makes two reasons for a drive to Pittsburg. I was given a piece of the most wonderful carrot cake, Scott brought it back from a Thanksgiving visit back home. I 'll have to get the name of that place and a few others. D'Jango will be missed here, but they will be an inspiration. The bar was raised notches here in Philly and gave the BYOB a much needed high level of respect, because of them. I will now just have to spread myself around.
  7. We must all be DRY martini drinkers.
  8. I have family across the bridge from Louisville, what were you thinking?
  9. Southern food just should not be this way.
  10. Holly was that a paper plate?
  11. I have eaten with Lauren, those restaurants were so bad she didn't even write about them.
  12. I think it will be Lois's Country Kitchen, country ham buffet night! Thank you, anything new I could change my mind.
  13. I'm meeting my daughter from Charlotte this Thrusday evening in Newport. We would love a off the wall place to have dinner. We are both driving about 4 hours each and we have to head back in the direction we came by 7am. Please not too much more driving.
  14. Holly,do you have a picture of the large glob of goose chilled fat that I ordered in Budapest? I remember my daughter and us barely able to not burst out laughing, untill we three started eating at it. It won't sell in America too well, but it gave me a new respect for grease.
  15. I think that's it's become a developed taste down there. When these spreads first started it was so "modern" to have in the refrigerator. I was a bit taken back when I went to set a table and that was what they had, how do you put it out? I thought on a china dish, or scoop some out and place in in a glass bowl? I just put it back in the icebox and let them think I forgot it.
  16. Thank you, please keep thinking. Jaret loves great food, nothing is too complex. We aren't concern about the cost. When I dine in Paris that is my night, I walk about afterwards and feel like I'm in love. This is Jaret's first time, he has heard so much about French cooking, service, and style. The difference is afterwards we are going to clubs, I can't be mellow.
  17. My mother was the only one allowed in the kitchen to prepare supper, but I was wet-nursed untill I could eat my mother's cooking. The kitchen was a special place that only grown women were allowed in, whatever color.
  18. I use the dripping from my country ham that I roast with cloves and stronge old coffee. I add ketchup and a dash of cayenne pepper, simmer till thickens. I have a pot of this in the refrigerator always, and a ziplock bag in the freezer. My mother, from Louisville, taught me that this and bacon drippin' are always near the stove. Red-eye is great on pan-fried rabbit, but my son would eat it on his ceral if I would let him.
  19. Sweet Pototoes, chocolate, ginger and persminons. I did pancakes, but pies, puddings or cake. I love orange with this combo, so I broke out some of my blood orange zest for a cream cheese drissle.
  20. One of by Land, in the village. It works for me.
  21. Bux, I don't know how old you are, but a young man in Paris only spends over two hours on something that he can dental floss about the next day. Your recomendation is on my list, thanks.
  22. Thanks, that was a great link, hope you can join us on of those nights.
  23. We are leaving Nov.7th after work, will be there Mon., Tues., and Wed. nights. Mon. is Jaret's birthday. He demands great food, but I don't want to keep him in a place over 2 hours. We are going to be doing nightclubs, shopping, and ... I have pretty extensive info., but always looking for more. He'll be 27.
  24. I'm taking Jaret for his birthday, he is a little progressive..Help.
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