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    Baked Beans

    I like to add (on top of the salt pork) pork hocks and or knuckles to the mix. I also substitute at least half of the water with beer. They always turn out really good.
  2. Thanks for the info. The only thing is i'm really looking for a place to buy a manual burr grinder in Montreal. I've done a lot of research and have found many sites selling grinders but I'd prefer to buy it locally. Next time I go downtown, i'll try talking with Anthony at Myriade to see if he has any cues on this.
  3. Thanks, I saw it but 200-300$ is way too expensive for what I'm looking for. I will use the freshly grounded coffee in a french press and maybe, eventually in a Cafe Solo from Eva Solo.
  4. I'm looking to buy a decent coffee grinder (non-electrical) but would like to buy it in Montreal instead of buying online. I was looking at the Hario Skerton or mini, Zassenhaus, Kyocera and the likes. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all your advice(s?) The risotto was a hit. I used about 40% stock, 40% water and 20% porcini soaking water. The chanterelles and "girolles à tube" were really good. And I did go out to buy some wine. I used some Leon Beyer riesling as that's what they had and it worked out pretty well. It took a little longer than I thought it would to cook (about 24 minutes). Maybe the fire was a little low or carnaroli rice is a bit slower to cook. Anyway, it was very good. Not yet great but very good. On the next day, I used the leftover stock/water/soaking water to make a sauce for some duck magret. I sweated some shallots, deglazed with sherry? (xeres) vinegar, added the leftover liquid from the risotto and reduced. This was served with some tagliattele (butter and freshly ground Tellicherry pepper) and some cream of butternut squash. I'll have to start doing risotto more often.
  6. Simon Patrice

    Dinner! 2011

    Is there anyway we could get more details about that 12 hour pork belly? It looks and sounds amazingly good.
  7. Don't worry, I will cook the fresh chanterelles and girolles (around 300 gr.) before adding around 10 min. before the end. I only have 20 gr. of dried porcini that I bought just because I felt it would be a nice addition to the risotto. About the soaking time, would it be too much if I were to put them in water before leaving for work in the morning if I plan on using them around 6 pm?
  8. Do you use much water for the mushrooms (only 20 gr.? How long do you soak?
  9. I would have liked to use a broth made by poaching chicken in water with more aromatic components as opposed to a really concentrated bone-only chicken stock. I thought it would make a more subtle risotto. But if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to it will just give me an excuse to make another one soon.
  10. I'm planning on cooking a wild mushrooms risotto on tuesday for a birthday dinner. The thing is I only have chicken stock on hand, the one I make by simmering mostly bones onions and carrots for 12 hours. Do you think I should dilute it in anyway? Could I "cut" it with some soaking water from the dried porcini I will be using with the other fresh mushrooms? And one last question, how essential is it that I use some wine in the risotto (I could always go out and buy some tomorrow but I don't have any on hand right now. Thanks for your help! Patrice
  11. Bump! I just bought another duck from the same farm and would like some pointers on how to cook it. I don't mind whether I cook it whole or not. Honestly, I can't remember how I did it three years ago and it was overcooked anyway. So, I am looking for fresh ideas.
  12. I just passed by a new coffee shop called La tache de café (french for The Coffee Stain) at 834 Decarie in VSL. I'm not sure if it is opened yet (it was 10:30 pm when I biked by) but peeking through the window, I could see shelves full of 49th parallel coffee beans. They also seem to be using the same espresso machine as Cafe Italia. So if you live around the area and have been desperately waiting to have access to good coffee, now might be the time. I will keep you posted as soon as I've found out an opening date (if they're not already open) and will post my impressions after my first visit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  13. Simon Patrice

    Pork stock...

    Is it the consensus that I should keep the meat on the bones until the stock is ready? Could a whole head be of any interest to the stock if I don't find neck bones or would it be wasting the head?
  14. Hi, I just bought a couple of pig's feet and tails at my butcher thinking that would make good pork stock. But now, I'm not too sure about how to do it best. I often make chicken or veal stock but for these I only use bones, no meat. So, here are the questions: 1.Should I but the feet skin on or off? 2. If I let the whole thing simmer for a couple of hours, take the meat off the feet and tails and put back the bones for the rest of the time, is there gonna be enough substance to get a good stock or should I just leave the whole thing in and discard the meat? (Since I usually simmer my stocks for around 12 hours, I'm guessing the meat would have no taste left after that.) 3. Do I use the same kind of water to bone/meat ratio as with other stocks? Same veggies? I guess that's about it. Thanks for your help!
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