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  1. Bar Louie has also secured space in the new Towne Centre in downtown Ann Arbor. My favorite item at Bar Louie. Buffalo Calamari
  2. I was just in Chicago and made a point of going to some breakfast places that I had heard alot about but to which I had never been. Toast: Damen north of Armitage. Solid, fun combinations. Orange: Printers Row, Very good, lots of fresh fruit, Frushi (fruit sushi rolls), They even have a breakfast tasting menu. Again, Very Good! Bongo Room: On Milkwaukee (i think) in Bucktown. More of a latin influence, also very good.
  3. well put cory. I wish you guys the best of luck in your attempt. say hello to everyone for me please.
  4. I was at Pacific Rim about a month ago and everything was very solid. Duke is a great guy and took real good care of us. I have a cook who is catching a few shifts over there and he says that buisness is good for dinners and still shakey for lunch.
  5. I use a cryo vac bag and put one section of belly each. The brine works great this way and penetrates deep into the belly in a realitivly short period of time. I then roll and hang my pancetta in the cooler approx. 40F. After a week in the brine and 2 -3 weeks hanging they are all set to go.
  6. Jamie Valvo

    Top Chef

    Doing well on a show like that could give your career a nice boost. I would rather work hard, work long hours and earn my place. I would guess they are going for the entertainment value for the general public of a well seasoned line cook/chef beating the hell out of a first year culinary student and making her cry. I truely hope a real cook wins in the end.
  7. Jamie Valvo

    Top Chef

    I have to agree I found the level of talent that was showcased disappointing. I am looking at it from a culinary prospective as opposed to a television show producers. Why else would the culinary student who isnt even done with school yet be on the show. She is attractive and people will want to watch her. It was very cool to see them in the kitchen at Fleur de Lys. It really showed Kens ignorance to speak to Herbert Keller that way. BTW: Gastrique at its base level is a vinegared caramel. Sweet and sour basically.
  8. Jamie Valvo


    I just took a dish off the menu in which I used some larding skill. Juniper and Sesame Crusted Tuna Loin (larded with crisped lomo) White Beans and Savoy Cabbage Miso Vinaigrette I really enjoyed the flavors and the larding was a fun exercise. James Valvo Chef de Cuisine Tribute
  9. I do not have any actual knowledge of the ownership interest in this years’ choice playing any direct role in the selection. I certainly did not mean that comment in a derogatory or diminishing way. I was however making the comment through the lens of watching the way the entire Detroit area geared itself up for the Super Bowl weekend. Every restaurant, club, hotel, news outlet, politician, decision maker excreta turned their attention to making sure that this event was both well executed and well received. Seldom Blues is located inside the Renaissance Center, where a lot of the media was located, Radio Row, ESPN and print media. The award was given leading right up to the event and it seemed fortuitous timing. Their owners’ prior NFL experience did not hurt them in that light. (I would guess) Would they have won if the Super Bowl wasn’t in town? We will never know. That being said, I think it was a good decision to boost their profile given the importance of event; which by the way went off with flying colors. It was great to be a part of helping Detroit overcome its nay sayers and throw a great week long party. James Valvo Chef de Cuisine Tribute
  10. I agree that no one really wants to read about Tribute every year and how we are still the best in town. That doesn't sell newspapers. Don't get me wrong I would love the publicity. Nothing wrong with bringing attention to restaurants who are in need of it. As I mentioned eariler in this post; if it raises the culinary scene then that is good. Maybe a tweak with the title of the award could be in order. I also understand the need to select a place that was downtown and owned by a former Lion right before the Super Bowl. That makes perfect sense. I think that Tribute is fairly well known for being the best in town and no award given or withheld will change that. James Valvo Chef de Cuisine Tribute
  11. I heard that there was a niche missing in the Chinese market. Just doing some research.
  12. I have been doing a bit of research into various types of fine dining in Shanghai. I have never been and would love to hear input from those who have lived and/or traveled in the area. I am most interested in French or very contemporary cuisines. 3 on the Bund seems to the top as far as I can find. Your thoughts? Yours in Food, James Valvo Chef de Cuisine Tribute
  13. If you go to Angelo's you have to get the deep fried raisin toast. To die for.
  14. A bit off the topic, but I just love the building the Gandy Dancer is in so much. It is a place I have always dreamed of turning into a good restaurant. The location has so much potential.
  15. Might I encourage a stop at Small Plates. As the name suggests it is an appetizer restaurant. They have composed dishes as well as pizzas and cheese plates. It is on Broadway I beleive right behind the Opera House. Happy downtown dining. Yours in Food, James Valvo Chef de Cuisine Tribute
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