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  1. Aloha Gary! Yes, it's similar! My cousin makes these....it's so ono! Mahalo for the URL! Elle
  2. Mahalo for the welcome! I'm not sure on the spelling of bod bod....but its a filipino dessert...purple colored rice wrapped in banana leaves...reminds me of mochi. I wish I could find a recipe for it online....maybe I'm not looking hard enough! As for Dinuguan, yes, it's pig's blood stew! Don't know if it could be stored in some form of care package but if my ohana back on Oahu had a vacuum packaging system, I bet it could be sent!!
  3. My dream care package would contain Manapua, Lomi Salmon, Limu Poke, Poi Mochi, Bod Bod, Dinuguan (sp), Hawaiian Sea Salt, Malassadas, Hawaiian Sun Juices, Guava Jellies and Jams, more Kona Coffee (I drink KC every morning!)...there's more but I can't think of it right now! L
  4. OMG! Those are just simple lovely photos!!! Where's the drooling icon??!!! L
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