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  1. I haven't tried to get there but I've been told by a San Leon resident that it made it through.
  2. Will be in Nova Scotia in September and doing the round the shore drive. Any locals have any musts to do? Restaurants, food shops etc. Fancy to shack. Being from Texas where clams don't exist we are really looking for them.
  3. When I was working in Mexico City one of our clients was Chocolates Turin. They produced spectacularly good chocolate in many variations, not just plain. Has anyone seen them for sale in the US of A?
  4. Will be in Port Lavaca 20/21 of October with a bunch of people. Can anyone suggest a good place to eat. We are open to anything, fish, steak, ethnic of all kinds.
  5. There is a great kolache shop on FM518 in League City just a little east of Highway 3. It is on the left heading east and easy to miss. They sell out earlly and often.
  6. JetLag

    Need a recipe

    Thin slices of roast pork, boiled or viginia ham, sliced dill pickle, good mustard and swiss cheese on a thin split baugette. Make sandwich and toast whole sandwich in a pannini press or use two hwavy cast iron fry pans, one on top and one on stove. They are also know as media noches( middle of the night)
  7. JetLag

    New Hershey Bars

    If you really want some good dark chocolate see if you can find some by Chocolates Turin which is made in Mexico City. It makes all others pale in comparison.
  8. I like Three Brothers especially their corn rye bread challah and cheese danishes.
  9. Had a bottle of Mythos, a Greek lager. Very tasty and refreshing with a gyro platter.
  10. Going to go to a class in this area next week and haven't a clue about what's good to eat. Anything especially ethnic. I will have a car and a map. I really do know how to spell food. Actually this may be a Freudian slip as in the Navy FOD was an acronym for foreign object damage to a jet engine. Ingesting bad food may be akin to FOD.
  11. I have and it would gag a maggot. Blech
  12. JetLag

    Ethnic Pop

    When I worked/lived in Mexico I developed a taste for peach flavor soda and sangra flavored soda as well. These can be found in the Houston area in Texas too.
  13. Hardees, at least in the South (South Carolina), had astonishingly good real ham biscuits. I can still taste them 30 years later.
  14. Admin: Threads merged. When I lived in Mexico, whenever I hit a cantina I'd ask the cantinista, bartender, for a tequila and sangrita. The tourist places would usually pour ready mixed sangrita but the local places would always mix their own. Since I'm an obvious gringo who speaks very good Spanish they'd go out of the way to impress. I bet I've had literally hundreds of different versions of sangrita. Care to share your experiences? Recipies? I speak better Spanish than I type has not jas
  15. Bellhaven Ale is a lovely thing on a hot Houston afternoon.
  16. JetLag

    Meat Slicers

    I have a cheap plastic folding one made by Krups that does a remarkably fine job of slicing both thick and thin. It spins rather slowly and can even be used to get three slices of bread out of one for homemade melba toast.
  17. Bacon waffles. Cooked bacon added to batter in waffle iron. Maple syrup and peanut butter on hot bacon waffle. Oh Lord!!!!
  18. Walsh has probably been, Cook usually follows him.
  19. Mario Batali has a cookbook on NASCAR Tailgating. He swears he is a fan.
  20. I used the meat from braised short ribs with carmelized onions and Dijon mustard on artisan rye bread. OMG
  21. In Houston, TX there is a liquor store, Spec's which has over 10000 types of wine hundreds of cheeses, and tons of pates as well as exotic groceries from all over the world. This is the Texas food court. We drink a lot.
  22. The Iron Forge in Austin itself isn't Lockhart quility BBQ but pretty good.
  23. In both Hong Kong and Taipei, Live baby eels, elvers, brought to the table and then garlic flavored hot oil poured over them. Absolutely delicious.
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