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  1. Cynical Chef, this story makes me regret even more that, when I was in Charleston in April, I didn't make the trek to Greenville! Great story, well told. I hope to visit 33 Liberty sooner than later.
  2. I want my foie gras! (requires site pass) I can't believe nobody else has linked this yet... Fascinating article, with an (almost) balanced discussion of banning fat liver.
  3. How utterly rude of you! George not only tries to compile something that no-one else has tried in this form, but he's good enough to come to this thread to explain his (completely self-explanatory) site, and you demean his effort. George, thanks for the site. If you need help with anyone in Niagara, let me know. TAPrice, you should think before you post.
  4. So, in my usual style, I took all of the advice offerred and ignored it. We went to South City Kitchen for dinner Friday, and it was very good. I met Andy Gonzales, South City's sous chef, that evening at a cocktail party, and he told me that they were turning out the best food he's seen them do since he got there, and I believe him. Our group of 9 had 7 different appetizers, and 6 different entrees, and all were very good. Their wine list was very nice - nothing exceptional, but nice, and not overpriced. The service felt a bit rushed, but I've noticed that before in high(-er) end US esta
  5. Thank you all for your help. If anyone has any further suggestions, thanks in advance.
  6. Any and all help would be appreciated! I've been tasked with selecting a spot for Saturday lunch in ATL, and it has been suggested that Thelma's or Mary Mac's would clash with the dinner Friday night at South City Kitchen. Therefore, can anoyne suggest a good BBQ joint for lunch on Saturday? I missed Sweatman's in SC last time through, and I've got a craving... Thanks, Alex
  7. One might also suggest that feeling up the diner causes the diner to ignore the crappy food and/or the billowing smoke from the kitchen.
  8. I've only tasted one bag of these, but I can shed a little light on the problems of "Ogre-sized" M&Ms. My company has a customer in the candy-packaging business, and one of his accounts is packaging M&Ms "Special Editions". He gave me some samples of these before they came to market. They had one hell of a time packaging these, because the double coating was very brittle, and the candy shell was broken on almost every M&M in my sample. As a result, an entire tanker truck of M&Ms were "surplused" - discarded. I ate what I could, but I'm barely one man. They are now but a d
  9. If I may add a different suggestion, last weekend I made this recipe for a group of friends: http://www.foodtv.ca/recipes/recipedetails/recipe_4513.asp This is a fairly easy recipe, and the results are excellent. ETA that Food Network Canada's website is not mine.
  10. Gustatorian

    Dinner! 2004

    Saturday: Wild mushroom and Ricotta Strudel on Baby Greens Seared Five-Spice Duck Breast with Guy Lan and Brown Butter Yukon Gold Mash Creme Brulee with Guyanese-Rum-Poached Pears and Fresh Berries Monday: Chicken and Pear Risotta Tuesday: Probably an emetic. Life is good.
  11. If you're going to be in London, it would certainly be worth your while to visit Fortnum & Mason (near Piccadilly). It is one of the great "old-school" fine food shops, and they have some wonderful items (teas, marmalades, etc.). I would suggest, however, that you taste their tea before buying, because their Earl Grey tastes like soap, but the English Breakfast is wonderful. Also, you should get HP Curry-Flavoured, if only because it's unique. ITA on HobNobs, but those you should be able to get in North America. Enjoy your trip, and be sure to go punting on the Cam! (It's touristy, bu
  12. Message for Jinmyo: PRIME Network is re-running Episode 1 on Sunday night at 9pm. If you can't get it, let me know.
  13. For posts and comments on Season 1, Click Here For an update...: The Restaurant (Reg. req'd) In a nutshell: Jeffrey: You started it, and you got all the attention! Rocco: But Momma works so hard! Jeffrey: I'm not paying you! Rocco: What's the point of whoring out my own Momma if I'm not getting paid? Discuss.
  14. From Zap2it.com: LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Last summer Mark Burnett's reality series "The Restaurant" served up piping hot plates of ratings for NBC. This spring, the network is looking for an early seating at Rocco DiSpirito's restaurant, launching the new season of the series on Monday, April 19. So, does anyone else feel like they now need a shower?
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