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  1. Agree with the Indian curry haters. Looks & smells like baby poop. Doesn't matter if you order chicken, lamb or beef curry, it's all overcooked to a greasy, mushy, musty, murky flavored glop. The worse aspect of Indian curries is the strong & funky body odor smell. However, love Thai curries as they're visually beautiful & brightly flavored.
  2. Ate a half bag of Heath mini-bars yesterday. Pork Larb with lettuce for breakfast. Planning to cook lentil & bacon soup for dinner. For some strange reason, the giant hotdogs in the fridge don't look slightly appealing. I'm off to grocery shopping in my pj's, need to restock chocolate, salt, carbs, & fatty.
  3. Crunchy Cheetos! Gotta love that bright orange cheesy powder that sticks to your fingers and lips.
  4. My wacky co-worker claims an allergy to manteca/lard/piggy fat, that it gives her serious indigestion. She eats a McDonald's Sausage McMuffin every morning, no problemo.
  5. Breakfast: gigantic bbq pork bun, pig ribs, chicken leg... greasy bbq'd goodness. a scoop of brown rice... for fiber and to soak up the grease.
  6. Yesterday, Safeway (our local grocery) was selling whole pies for for $1. Yes, a dollar. Nice balanced meal: tortilla chips & salsa, then slabs of pie...salty fat, sugary fat.
  7. American processed cheese food slices... why not just slap a slice of orange-colored wax on your sandwich?
  8. Our Dear Friends invited us for a nice home-cooked dinner... We finished eating, then Mr. Dear Friend placed the food smeared dinner plates on the kitchen floor. He called & whistled their dog and cat into kitchen. Clarabell (dog) & Fern (cat) thoroughly lick off the plates. Dear Friend said, "Oh, isn't this just great, they just love to clean the plates. I don't need to scrape the dishes. Cuts out most of the work from dishwashing." Dear Friends do not have a dishwasher. They only wash the tops of dishes, so plate bottoms are grimy/greasy. That was the first and last meal at their home. Sorry, but pet saliva lurgie cooties are not appetizing.
  9. Definitely fugly. They handles resemble lizard tongues.
  10. AMERICAN PROCESS CHEESE FOOD SLICES.uuurrgggg horrible nonmeltable plastic orange colored sheets just too strange what the heck is cheese food? oh yeah, let's not forget Nabisco EAZY CHEESE SPRAY CHEESE in the convenient aerosol can for adding that classy touch to your cheese & crackers platter!
  11. Salt & Pepper Squid. They turn rubbery, soggy and so sad if not eaten immediately Fried Chicken Wings aka Seagull Wings from the local pho cafe.
  12. BACON. i always cook twice the amount, for "quality control."
  13. Lovely Larb! Larb, larb, larb:wub: Pork, beef, chickie, fish, chorizo, spam. all good!
  14. saltylicious


    Fresca Peach & Citrus is really awful. Tasted like carbonated peach room freshener spray. The slimy fake chemical flavor just sticks in your throat. Yep, the weird flavor lingers just like freshener spray.
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