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  1. Went for Lunch today, June 18 09. Everything was tasty and fresh. May be one of the best buffets for the money ever. Hopefully they can maintain it. I recommend it to everyone... Ron
  2. Back in the 60's when I was a teenager... I went to China Sky in Springfield and Union China House on Morris Ave in Union. They both had the BEST Lobster Sauce... with little bits of ground pork and peas in it. I have been unable to match that lobster sauce since then. I'm Looking for suggestions... please help. Ron Silver *The Ambassador of Good Eating*
  3. Ate there on Oct 9th for lunch. Had the whole sea bass. Fresh and Juicy... Ask for Rick the waiter. He gave us free dessert!!!
  4. I had the General Tso's for the first time....FANTASTIC
  5. Hunan Spring has a New Owner The spare ribs were some of the best I've ever had, Thick Tender and Juicy The curry chicken was good too. The Hot and Sour Soup is the same as It was... VERY GOOD!! Ron Silver aka Ambassador of Good Eating
  6. Ibby's on Grove St in Jersey City..... He's a cousin of an NYC famous place.... Also has the best Shwarma I've ever had Go for it....
  7. Peter Luger is the best and the atmosphere is great ron silver aflac agent
  8. I went there, it was great, just for fun I yelled "HEY NICK!!!" 5 Guys turned around, ha ha Ambassador of Good Eating / Aflac Agent // ron silver
  9. I recently went to Libbys for the second time, a friend of mine took me there first about six months ago., there chile sauce is fantastic, I like it better on the burger than the hot dog nothing else is fantastic, except that the atmosphere is fun, and you can visit the great Falls of paterson, which are pretty its definitely worth a visit, it is fun and memorable i will go there next time I'm in Paterson The Ambassador of good eating/ Aflac agent / ron silver
  10. Since I'm always on the road for my job, I love to find new greasy spoons (that aren't greasy) to have breakfast. on Monday I went to the White Rose on E Elizabeth Ave in Linden Richie, the owner and grillman made me a wonderful plate of two eggs over light with taylor ham (he uses read taylor ham, which is ten times better than pork roll), with grits (he also offers home fries). The coffee was freshly ground, and GOOD! Also what I liked about this place was that the clients could have been from the United Nations. Hard working people from all parts of the world speaking Spanish and English, and other languageS that I didn't know. Also, there were people there, who must have been regulars, with strong opinions discussing what ever was on their mind or in the news that day. Ron Silver AFLAC AGENT aka AMBASSADOR OF GOOD EATING
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