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  1. Yes Shewie! It's from the same shop that sells the wonderful chendol. Actually the Assam Laksa is pretty good too :) I ordered the CKT without cockles and I had taken 3 bites of the dish before I remembered to take a picture of it. Sorry, rookie mistake.
  2. Hey all, I promised Shewie to post some food pics from my trip to KL/Penang/Ipoh a few weeks ago. Here is one of the almost perfect plate of Char Kuey Teow from Penang Rd. There was hardly any grease the bottom of the plate after I was done eating and it had enough 'wok hei' (firepower??). The bad ones are the overly greasy ones with no ummmphh to it. *growl" I miss it... post some more later.
  3. Thanks all for the suggestions. Pan, I'm looking for either lunch or dinner. I am taking someone special out for a treat (non-romantic). I guess fancy wasn't the best wording, just somewhere with very well prepared food leaning towards more Western/fusion. I have a feeling there are a few talented chefs hiding in Asia who don't get much exposure because of location. Thanks JC for the Bon Ton/Top Hat suggestion. They are on the shortlist and the menu looks very promising.
  4. Hello, I will be in KL from Feb 5th-26th. And I've read the pinned discussion for the food info galore. But I am looking for one or two places in the fine dining category. Any suggestions? I've done some research, it seems many fine dining establishments are located in hotels and are very narrow in their choice of cuisine. It's either French or Italian. I am looking for a cozy restaurant with a talented innovative chef that uses fresh ingredients. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. bobby flay could be the "Chen Kenichi" for ICA. Just like Chen using hot bean paste and shark fin for every battle, it's the same way with Bubba Flay and tomatillos....
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