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  1. You are thinking of Copeland's
  2. OK, when you get home, and it is too late to think about cooking for yourself, where do you bring things in from? My favorites are: Cafe Nino for Pizza Royal China for Chinese Hillbillly for BBQ Radosta's, Cassamento's, and R&O's for Po' Boys Got any other suggestions? I am a regular at all of the above, but I need some new ideas
  3. Just a few thoughts on the subject of andouille 1) It is German not French, which is why the best ones are not, despite what Mayhaw Man may think, are not to be found in Acadiana, but rather in La Place 2) Bailey's Famous Andouille, IMHO, is actually BETTER than Jacob's World Famous Andouille, and right next door on Airline Hwy. Also, Wayne Jacob's Andouille and Smokehouse on West 5th Street, I think, is better than either of the Airline Highway alternatives (and, from what they say, the original recipie)
  4. Everyone, thanks so much for your suggestions As for the suggestions made here and elsewhere thusfar, while I love the VIEW at Bella Luna, I did think the food was adequate, but not spectacular. Court of Two Sisters was much the same Brennan's, IMHO, is one of the most extrordinary ripoffs I have ever experienced (plastic menus and eggs sardou for $25-30? Incredible!) I may be a dining snob, but a salad has to have mixed greens, different kinds of lettuce, and not just iceberg, or to me, the place just isn't even trying. And I should have added earlier that my dad it's in a very healthy manner, so the seafood places at the lake that specialize in fired seafood are not his style Thanks again to everyone for their kind suggestions. So, the choices, as the now stand, are Gautreau's, Upperline, Clancy's, Le Parvenu, Dick and Jenny's, and the Pelican Club. Pick one, or tell me why I should add another potential candidate to the list.
  5. Any thought's on Dick and Jenny's (yes, I know they don't take reservations), Matt and Nadies, or any thing that has opened up recently (ie. withiin the past year)
  6. Mom and Dad are coming to town this weekend from NYC. Last time they were here, we went to August and Peristyle. This time round, I have instructions to find places that could only be found in New Orleans. I have reservations at Brigtsen's one night, but was debating among several choices for the other evening they are in town, plus Sunday brunch: GW Fins (dad love seafood) K Paul's Gautreau's Lillette Le Parvenu Since they can get good Italian in NY, I ruled that style out completely, but places across the lake or even outside of town (ie LA Provence, Lafitte's Landing) are fair game, if you think they are worth the schlep. I am shying away from stoggy old fashioned New Orleans places (ie. Galatoire's, Antoines, etc) For brunch last time we went to Elizabeth's, which was fun but a tad to funky for the folks. I was thinking about Commanders or Begue's, but these may be too fancy, so I am open to other suggestions. I have heard nice things about both Sugar Magnolia's and Cafe Atchafalaya, but have also heard mixed reviews about both. As a physician in town, I have had the chance to go to some favbulous places in the city already - loved Indigo and Stella!, think Cafe Nino makes the best pizza in town, think Bayona is the most over rated place I have ever been to, go to breakfast as often as I can at Riccobono's Panola Cafe, love Hillbilly BBQ, think Ms. Hysters is overrated, love the oysters at Drago's (but am nonplussed by anything else they serve), am a huge fan of Royal China, Radosta's, Cassamento's, and R&O's for shrimp po boys but think Mothers is overrated, like NOLA the best of Emeril's places, but think all of his food is style over substance (including Tchoup Chop in Orlando, which I had such high hopes for), think La Boulangerie makes the best bread, and some of the best sandwhiches in the city, and found that either Antoinnes or Adrian's make the best filled king cakes in the city, although would argue that either Zoe's or Chez Pierre are the best bakeries in the area (no, not Maurice's). Also was considering Matt and Nadies as well as Dick and Jenny's, and think Jaques-Imo is over rated, over sauced, and overly fried. Anyway, hope that gives you an idea of my tastes. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Which of his shows was it? I want to Tivo it, but I need the title of the show, and the episode to manage that Thanks
  8. Brooks, you need to go a little lighter on the caffine - if you notice, the post immediately prior to mine was the one who insisted that the MTV "Girls Gone Wild" crowd had corrupted the Louisiana of his youth. I appreciate your suggestions, and the other members of the board. I posted the same question on Chowhound and Tom Fitzmorris, and got a good sampling of places to add to my list. Oh, and just for future reference, any opinion that requires SEVEN paragraphs could not possibly be "clearly stated"
  9. Classic problem with asking anyone from here what the best example of a particular part of the local cuisine is: you get half the people who want to answer the question, and half who want to tell you about the "good old days", and try and tell you which one of today’s variety taste like it SHOULD. Well, from what I understand, in the good old days, king cakes were inedible! So forgive me if I like them to taste good! My question remains, who makes the best king cakes in the city (ie the best TASTING, which I assumed was understood). NOT who the king cake most like the ones you remember, through your rose colored glasses, as a reminiscenceof things past
  10. OK, I have now tried enough to have an opinion, but am curious what others think I tried McKenzie's, and don’t think much of the variety being sold by Tastee. I should note that i am partial to cream cheese, or strawberry cream cheese filled, so my tase test is not based on the pure, traditional variety. I have thus far tried Antoine's on Freret, Randazzao's on Hullen, Maurice's, and Chez Pierre in Kenner on Vets. Of these, Antoine's was clearly the best (Randazzo's, while good texture and probably the best cream cheese, was just overwhelmed with the gloppy icing) I have read about a different Randazzo's in Slidell, but have not yet ventured up that way. Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions/criticisms?
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