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  1. I personally prefer Papaya King. Their hot dogs are nicely grilled until the skin is crisp and the bun is toasted brown. The combination is not only tasty but you can further enhance it by adding a number of toppings, including sauerkraut, onions, and relish ... And don't forget to wash it down with a frothy papaya drink. Gray's Papaya may cost a little less and they too grill their hot dogs on a flat grill, but they are just not as flavorful as Papaya King's.
  2. Thanks for the tips; I'll give 'em a try! Stopped by for lunch at the Gernika Basque Pub for the Chorizo Sandwich with the Basque potato salad, which was a Basque sausage on a french roll, with a leafy green and pickle spear- Pretty good and cozy little place- and topped lunch off with some rice pudding, everything was very reasonably priced- bonus! Thanks all
  3. I will actually be staying in Mt. Home, Idaho. It is an approximate 45 minute drive from Boise. This is my first trip to Idaho and I'm looking for any eatery from street stands to 5 star restaurants - anything to keep me from the same boring restaurant chains that thread through this country. I'm going to be there for a month and would enjoy a bit of food adventure. Other than potatoes, I don't even know what is cuisine is indigenous of Idaho. So, I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  4. My company is temporarily transfering me to Boise, Idaho for a month and would appreciate any recommendations for places to eat. Thanks.
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