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  1. I went to Bar Q last night. I thought it was excellent. It's not the Michellin starred restaurant that Annisa is, but it's not meant to be either. Judging from the crowd, this is looking to be a trendy, popular place. This was the first Friday it's been open and it was full, but the waiters all seemed to know what they were doing. The service was fine. We had a sample from the raw bar, including some sashimi. The scallops and the oysters were the best I've had for a long time. It came with some dipping sauces, which I guess was for the sashimi. I tasted them, and one of them was excell
  2. I'm going tomorrow night. Sounds awesome.
  3. georgesimian


    They have a great wine list. One of the best.
  4. I totally disagree with most of you guys. I thought this place was great. It's fast food. You order at the counter, you pick it up yourself. The dumplings are great for a place like this. As far as value goes, this place is not that expensive. I had dumplings, a salad and an ice tea for about ten bucks. And the dumplings were big and overstuffed, not dinky at all. You're not going to get fois gras dumplings here, and it's not worth going across town for, but if you're in the neighborhood and want to eat, it's great. The only place I can compare it to is Man Doo Bar, which is good too,
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    Hasaki is excellent sushi, but it's always crowded. Soba Ya is one of my favorite restaurants.
  6. georgesimian


    Went to Babbo last week. The octopus was excellent, some of the best I've had. Then I had the rabbit, which was great too. We had house wine, I think it was called Gava, which was fine. Best restaurant I've been to in a long time. Can't believe I'd never been. On another note, had a great lunch, as usual, at Mary's Fish Camp. Grilled snapper, totally awesome. Good food day, obviously.
  7. Good, but I think Balthazar is way better. Of course, they don't have that pizza.
  8. I don't want to second guess you, kellycolorado, but that recipe at Mary's kitchen says to cook at 350 and everything else I've read says these Heritage birds cook better at higher temps, like 450. And I'm not sure what marinading the bird on the outside of the skin is going to do. All the ingredients seem right, but the process doesn't make sense to me. There's some other recipes in this thread that make more sense. Just my opinion.
  9. I brined a turkey last year following Zuni Cafe Cookbook, then smoked it. It was good, but it tasted like ham. And I have to say, after I dumped out the brining water which it was in for two or three days, it wasn't so appealing. It wasn't rotten, but the smell of turkey water just put me off. This year, I've got a heritage turkey coming from FedEx and I'm planning on going the other way, ie, just cooking it in the oven. The only problem for me is the thermostat on my oven is acting up and it's not getting up to 400, so I might have to do it on the Big Green Egg. I'll probably rub some ro
  10. We ate at Lucy's the other night. The food was really excellent, but the service fell apart halfway through dinner. It's too bad. The food was excellent. I like Suenos, but I don't think the food is as good or as interesting as Lucy's.
  11. I like Shanghai Cuisine on Bayard and Baxter. 888 for Dim Sum, under the bridge in a wierd mall, is definitely a scene and the food is good.
  12. I ate there the other day. We were early for dinner, at 5 O' Clock, the place had just opened. We were the only people there, although a few people came in as we were leaving. The food and the service were great. The drinks were probably what I remember most. I had some margarita with chili in it and it was really good. The guac was good. My fish was really great, but prepared in a way I could have gotten anywhere: pan-fried with lemons, onions, capers. My friend had the shrimp, which I tasted, and it was more interesting. I don't really like big portions, but for the price of an ent
  13. The chicken with figs is great. You can do it without figs and it's still good. I've tried the brining with pork chops and a turkey and a pork shoulder. The shoulder didn't really work, but it was probably my fault. The other stuff was really good, but tasted like ham - both the turkey and the chops. But it got me into the whole idea of brining, so now I'm working my own variations. It's a tough cookbook if you don't live where you can get really fresh ingredients.
  14. Why should good Mexican food be any cheaper than any other good food?
  15. I've tried a bunch of these internet coffee suppliers and these guys are the best. I'm particularly impressed with my last delivery which came on Monday after being ordered on Saturday. I'm trying some Nicaraguan now, but the Mexican organic was some of the best coffee I've had.
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