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  1. jordan

    Popcorn at home

    maple syrup and kosher salt
  2. Just a few: -At tasting for event client asks account rep. if he can "make the bass chilean, you know, with butter and garlic?" -A friend bought a bottle of 82 petrus for a client in Japan. When he arrived for dinner brandishing the wine his client took the bottle, opened it poured into a highball glass with ice and 7up and offered a glass to my friend. Like sparkling rose. -I was working as a manager at a top NYC South Western restaurant (1994 you guess which one) and it was closing time. Our policy was that when the dinner guests left we closed the bar. So as our last guest was finishing dessert I instructed the bartender to make the last call. After the dinner guest left a bar guest requested another cocktail and the bartender refused. The drunk guest insisted that he speak with me and when I explained our policy he said "YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THE F--- I AM (THROWING HIS CIGARETTE BUTT AT MY CHEST) I AM THOMAS PATRIC DELAHANTY, CLINICAL PHYCOLOGIST".
  3. Too strong to drink straight; Sorbet is a great idea. Try just a splash in some sparkling wine; makes for a nice aperitif. I also like it with sparkling water and fresh mint.
  4. jordan

    Wines to Cellar

    You seem to have gotten some great recs. You mention an interest in Latin American wines, a region that has peaked my interest over the past few years. Here are some suggestions that I have enjoyed: Altos Las Hormigas - Malbec Reserva 2000 is great (vineyard owned by Marc De Grazia As you may know Paul Hobbs has taken a serious interest in Latin America (in fact he married an Argentine woman and lives there with their child) He is making wine for a few vineyards in Chile and Argentina. Of his wines these are my picks (favorite first): Bramare - Malbec "Mendoza" 99 Cobos - Malbec 2000 Armador - Cab. 2000 Some of these wines are drinking well right now but all would improve with 5-15yrs in the bottle.
  5. jordan


    Fat Guy is spot on. Most types of beef are raised in the US, for the most part American Cattle breeds are English/Scottish and what differentiates the different types is diet and living conditions. I too appreciate most types of beef with the exception of the poor grades of American (Select and Choice). Oh yeah, Argentine women are beautiful.
  6. I am not blaming Jennifer for not being able to breath life into the RTR; very few people could. My point is that her father would have been able to raise funds and keep the RTR buzzing. As well, investors’ not wanting to put money into a project led by the 23-year-old child of an industry icon is not a reflection of her sex or her intelligence, only her age and lack of experience.
  7. I have always respected the RTR as a NY institution, I have dined there several times (only once since the re-opening) and I have always enjoyed the experience. It may or may not be for me but it deserves respect. I wanted to share my perspective on the closing, as I believe that the RTR would not be closing if it were not for the untimely death of Warner Leroy. Warner himself was an institution and had the ability to draw crowds, attract parties and if nothing else attract investors. It seems to me that if I had invested some $10M, as did one company, and the person in whom I believed died, I would be hesitant to continue to support the investment and would likely try to write off the loss. It appears that the main investor was (rightfully) not as confident in 23-year-old Jennifer Leroy as they were in Warner. I believe if Warner were still alive or an other established group were operating the RTR the original investor would continue to support the operation or Warner would have attracted new investors. Who wants to give millions of dollars the daughter of an industry icon? My guess is that the RTR will be purchased and reopened; my fear is that it is likely to be bought by a group like RA, ARC or Cipriani who could never recapture the charm the RTR was built on. If only Warner were still alive...
  8. As far as a tequilla house goes Herradura is the best. However we all like different styles so for spicy I like Chinaco or El Tesoro; for sipping its Herradura Anejo or Seleccion Suprema, Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, Sauza Gran Reserva, Patron Reposado; for mixing Sauza Commemorativo, Patron Silver, Don Julio Blanco.
  9. Wow, lots of preferences... I am surprised to see how many people like/trust NYC tap water. I agree it does taste good but the purity scares me and the home filter systems like Brita are good for nothing (when tested the filtered water is still very impure). Any way I thought you might like to know what won in the blind tasting: Sparkling: Canada Dry Club Soda Still: Poland Springs As I mentioned in the original post many of the popular brands were included in the tasting. However I am sure that the lesser known brands were not included.
  10. After visiting the Poll Station and reading about waters I grew curious as preferences. In 1995 there was a water tasting held (I think in NY State) and the winners based on taste alone were surprising. I will not reveal the tasting results just yet because I would like to know what the egullet community likes. I like Badoit (when available) with food because the bubbles are small and not overwhelming, otherwise I am a fan of club soda as a refreshment. For still water it's Poland Springs but I am not too picky. I am afraid of tap water because the aqueduct to NYC is so old, not to mention the pipes with in the buildings. How do you feel?
  11. jordan


    Some that I like: Pibarnon Domaine Tempier Domaine Ott Ch. De Selle "Clair de Noir"
  12. I prefer not to reveal my relationship with Bid but I will say that Bid has been very near to my heart. I feel very strongly that the team assembled at Bid was one of the finest in NYC. There were many obstacles in the way of their success and not the least of which was Sept. 11. Regardless of the $ success and strictly based on the standards of hospitality Bid was tops. The staff was kind and accommodating the food was some of the best fare on earth, not every time, but on several occasions I felt that the preparations were the best I had ever had. For example Matt's Guinea Hen wrapped in Pancetta was the best I have ever had. In fact Micheal Rostang (?sp) had done a similar preparation with rabbit but it was pale in comparison to Matt's. The pure creativity and respect for ingredients has allowed Matt to highlight the best of a particular ingredient. His use of multiple cuts of the same animal like the entire Rabbit; Kidneys and all or his use of different preparations on the same plate like his Roasted Sirloin and Braised Shoulder of Lamb makes you appreciate the best the product has to offer. I think that in all fairness the Pastry Chef Chika Tillman deserves accolades as well. Chika's creativity and love for her craft make her one of the best Pastry Chefs in America. Her menu changed almost as often as Matt’s and it was always about the ingredients. Her use of herbs like lavender, sweet basil, basil seeds, earl grey tea were exemplary. Her unique Petits Fours were never the same and each one was better than the last. And her love for the craft could not have been more evidence than in her Fresh Cherries and Cinnamon Macaroon with Cherry Sorbet and Tarragon. She let the Cherries stand on their own and provided interesting and delightful compliments that challenged your taste buds and left you wanting for more. As they prepare to shutter the restaurant I want to simply say that a better team could not be possible and all associated with the project should hold their heads high, be proud and continue to peruse the trade that they make look and taste so good.
  13. jordan


    Do you mean Cordon Bleu? Martell is a great producer but I am not too familiar with thier names/ages. I think it goes something like this: vs-5yrs-$30-35 vsop-10yrs-$40-50 Noblige-?-$60 Cordon Bleu-20-$100-125 xo-20+-$125-150 extra-?-$275-300 L'Or-50+-$1000
  14. Metropolitan Cafe is in my neighborhood and the food is nothing special. As Robert put it unobjectionable. The service however is horrendous; forgetful careless, untrained, clumsy, blah blah blah.
  15. Do you live at high altitude?
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