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  1. I liked this rum but thought it a little one dimensonial with a strong vanilla flavor. Here in CA it's very hard to find at retail and I've not seen it cheaper than $71/bottle which IMHO is just too much.
  2. Thanks Eric! I need to check in here more often! Looking forward to seeing you too, I'll have something special set aside.
  3. I'm brand new to this site as well but welcome! Still trying to figure the functionalities. Any new knowledge to be gained regarding Rum (and cigars) is a worthwhile pursuit!
  4. I've got friends headed to the island end of this week, will be curious to see what's available, I hear HC15 is scarce. I'll be there in May. In the states I'm just happy to see RzC again, Pampero Anni and have a newfound fondness for Ron Zaya and this last one seems to be relatively unknown. I've heard epic stories about the Havana Matsusalem and also heard it's really hard to find and out or production.
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