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  1. merci beaucoup! rene pujol very good, but somewhat too theatre districtish, if u know what i mean, not the flavor or ambiance of the above, as to your others, thanks very much, keep them coming. p.s. thx for the le rivage link. forgot, but after listening to their corny accordian music while viewing their website, i realized i have been there!!! sorry, & i do not mean to be rude, i can use all the help; however, le rivage is the typical crappy tired "restaurant row" rip-off that caters to the pre-theatre crowd (mostly older) , tourists, & service men looking for that "french" experience they don't get in south dakota. if i sound snobbish, i'm not. these places if good should survive, but there is not one of these little bistros in the area worth saving. times have changed, the french population has moved out, the restaurants have stayed hoping or waiting for godot. for classics, go to l'absinthe, more expensive, but compared to le rivage, worth every $ of the difference.
  2. natural what? how cooked? ← "All natural" is another marketing label..not sure if it's USDA recognized..used by Whole Foods in this case....I posted about it above..I think it means the cattle was raised without certain chemicals or hormones. I have the 1 paqe but not handy. Charred...rare/med rare over an open wood fire. Again, I was not overwhelmed by this steak...and will not seek it out; though I would buy it if was the only option....but there's better out there ← i believe it has to be specifically labelled "USDA PRIME". the whole foods "natural" label sounds as if it has no taste. cooking method sounds fantastic
  3. Faon is always a masculine word whether the animal is male or female. There is, occasionally, the use of a little-employed word, faonne (pronounced as in fan). Bichette is not frequently used except as a mark of affection towards a woman. And maybe in a hunting context. Chevreuil is not the same animal species as the cerf so a chevreuil is not a young deer. Chevreuil is Capreolus capreolus, the roe-deer, a small member of the Cervidae. The young is a faon (as for the cerf), the male is a brocard, the female is called chevrette. Chevreuil is the species. Cerf (Cervus elaphus), that's the stag. He is taller and has larger antlers. The female is the biche, the young is the faon (as for the chevreuil). There is also the daim (the buck), smaller than the deer. The female is the daine, the young is (again) the faon. ← ok, lets try again: I) le faon > m or f (la faonne) young deer @ birth > la biche, a young female deer .................................................................................le ___?, .a young male deer le cerf - the stag, an older male deer la ___? - an older female deer II) le(?) chevreuil = a roe-deer from le faon; le brocard, ...a male chevreuil; ......................................................................la chevrette, a female chevreuil III) le faon, a young ___? > le daim, a buck, aka, a male smaller version of a deer; ........................................... la daine, ...................a female smaller version of a deer u really didn't think u were going to get off so ez, did u??
  4. thx for your great & recent review/update. not sure if i'm fond of the additional polish, but c'est la vie btw, why DID the "family" finally sell after all these yrs? made an offer they couldn't refuse, or...?
  5. adding café loup - village bistro - OOPS, taking off, just not that bistro'ish, more americano. excellent example of a nyc self-described bistro without really being anything more than a typical neighborhood restaurant that happens to call itself a bistro. ← removing DeMarchelier - recent visit, no soap in men's bathroom, when informed the moronic manager, he just shrugged his shoulders. UMMMMM, wonder where the kitchen help wash their hands after using the same bathroom the customers use. ← guess i'm the only 1 that cares, but no problem; will just keep updating til i get it right see above for +'s & -'s ← its tough keeping a living, breathing, work-in-process string alive when no one else is participating. whew! its difficult, but someone has to do it
  6. don't waste your time, or money! ← jgould, I really enjoy Rosa Mexicano - I think it is still one of the more authentic Mexican restaurants in NY - and as for the prices, I find it pretty comparable to any restaurant of that level, regardless of the cuisine... Not really looking for the taco truck experience this time, that I can easily make that here, it's the complex sauces for which I cannot find ingredients here that I'm after in NYC - jeanki, thanks I'll look into both your recs...! ← good luck with your meal @ RM's & hope u enjoy, REALLY. surprised u had to book so far in advance, particularly since rktman alluded to short waits??? btw, the taco trucks beat RM's everytime when its 3am, AND one "may" have had a few too many margaritas or senoritas, & one hasn't eaten for a # of hrs
  7. The food at 'the truck' is fantastic and very reasonably priced. I used to walk from CU at least twice per week for it. The only bad thing is that there's no place in the area for one to comfortably sit. Get the taco ← how many trucks are there on bwy??? 1. on 96th, just W. of bwy? 2. bet 104/105th? 3. 4. ← can anyone fill-in-the-blanks???
  8. the focus got lost when people started opining on the very subjective "what makes a great steak" issue. i agree that it's probably naive to simply go by an assertion that a restaurant serves dry-aged USDA prime beef when choosing a steakhouse. as as been suggested by others, i think more goes into that. (although, i think a proper dry-aging is key element, and a USDA Prime certification can't hurt. it's a very good baseline, and one which i don't drop below when buying steaks for home cooking.) Ben & Jack's serves a "better" steak than the Palm in my estimation, regardless of that questionable review. my preference. frankly, i have better taste than that reviewer. ← LOL, glad to see an "objective" commentator true, taste is subjective; however, there should be 1 fact quite clear: the raw material, i.e., the piece of meat. it seems hard to argue, but that has never stopped anyone here, that a dry-aged, USDA Prime is not essential, but many here don't seem to have a problem doing so. as to the "subjectiveness of dry-aging & grading issues - "u go with what u got". be nice to witness whether meat should be dry-aged 7, 14, 21 days; or whether the USDA agent is incompetent, but as i said, "we have to go with what we got", or baselines would become meaningless, then bring in the subjectiveness of taste. as i stated earlier, very recently had a delicious meal @ Palm One, & not tried ben & jack's, although, i must say, i was turned off by the review, so i guess, the subliminal power of the press works! conincidentally, 2 people whom with i spoke about selecting the palm (one) over dinner @ S&W, panned S&W, even when i mentioned to them S&W is the only other "chain" steakhouse in manhattan that serves dry-aged USDA Prime steaks. oddly, no one here ever brings up Del Frisco!!??
  9. do not claim to be an aficionado of mexican, although like very much, but thought la palapa was simply terrible. maybe because its what is described as "real" mexican food, or is it mexican food that the mexicans serve the gringos, but never eat themselves, & laugh at y'all in the kitchen
  10. do u mean the mama mexico on east side of bwy @ 101st, with the irritating 3pc strolling "musicians"?
  11. I think I heard Los Dos Rancheros (or Salon Mexico as it was later called) had closed. It had gotten really bad. ← isn't there also a los dos rancheros on uws, amsterdam???
  12. Suenos is the same as her other two places. Going for scene and crowd more than the food. Never found what everyone thinks is so great about hells kitchen. I live in the hood and have eaten there occasionnally but Rosa is much better and usually less of a wait . RM ← have to agree with dryden. i met sue torres when she just opened suenos, & found her to be charming, hard-working, & a wonderful person. the food, i have tried, has all been good. rosa's prices for average mexican dressed up like a calabero (sic) is rungs down from suenos, imo. talking about pandering to the scene & crowd weakens your point dramatically, rosa's is obnoxious about that very point!!! as to less of a wait @ rosa's, duhhhh, i wonder why???????? fyi: suenos's area is possibly chelsea, but definitely NOT hell's kitchen!! maybe you're going to the wrong place entirely
  13. More details on the bridge please. ← LOL! while it's clear that many factors go into a great steak, least of all not personal preference...*certainly* not least of all personal preference..., i prefer the minerally flavor that comes from dry-aged steak. with or without butter, charred exterior and USDA grading aside, i've enjoyed that flavor at Luger's, Wolfgang's, and Ben & Jack's. not recently at the Palm. or any of the 3 in NYC. or are there 4 now. who can keep track. ← KIM: the article & such referred to the better known national chaims sprouting up everywhere. it did not include the smaller privately-held, usually 1- location steakhouses, like PL's, BB's, Wolfgang's, Pietro's, BLT Steak & Prime, Spark's, MJ's & the Strip House (Glazer chain), Del Frisco (chain??), etc... not to change the focus, but as u know, ben & jack's was recently panned.
  14. More details on the bridge please. ← LOL
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