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  1. Thanks for all these suggestions! Here's what's happening:

    We want a bar, so we'd already ruled out Zafra (and I guess La Isla, which otherwise looks and sounds great). Lua can't take us until 9:45--I'm getting really tired of never being able to get a reservation in a decent restaurant in New Jersey and guess I'll actually have to start planning ahead. So now we're thinking about trying one of the Cubans in Union City--either Artesano or a place called Latin American Restaurant, which I'm leaning towards if only to reward them for the straightforwardness of their name. Anyone been to either, or to another Cuban in Union City? Can you steer us towards or away in, like, the next two hours? If not, we'll happily (I hope) report back.

    Don't ask me why the bar is such a deal-breaker--I guess we're also just tired of always bringing our own.

  2. By the way, that should read "good," not "goo," although goo is good too. We were ready to finally head to Hoboken for tasty South American food this Saturday but (of course) can't get a reservation until 9:45, too late, too late. But now our taste buds are whetted for them flavors. Any other good South American/Cuban places to try in Northern NJ? Preferably a place that can take 6 people on shortish notice?



  3. Pre-theater, you could try Cafe Edison, in the Edison Hotel. I'm not sure where it is exactly, but I think it's 47th and something. It's a classic, old-school New York Jewish coffee shop with fantastic chopped liver, etc. Not fine dining, but a true institution where (I'm told) lots of actors and playwrights go or used to go.

    Anyone else like Pam's Real Thai? I've been once and swooned. Again, I'm shaky on the address, but it's definitely in that area.

    Have fun!

  4. This may not be much help, but...a few years ago, we started chatting with a couple sitting at the table next to us in a restaurnant (Picholine) in NYC. They were from the Huntsville area and told us about an incredible sushi place outside town in a converted garage or gas station or something. I've always been really intrigued by it because it seemed like the kind of thing you'd never find out about as a tourist/business visitor. So if you ask around and actually find it and try it, let me know!

  5. Hi. I'm new here--been lurking on eGullet for a couple of months, but any talk of Jazz Fest makes me want to pipe up. We got home Sunday after 2 full Fest days and I've still got NO-lag. It always kills me to know that Jazz Fest is going on and I'm not there!

    So, to anyone who's lucky enough to be there or heading there, may I also highly recommend the frozen cafe au lait? Refreshingly cool out in that hot fairgrounds sun, with a caffeine-and-sugar kick to boot! Perfectly sweetened. My food-guzzling husband and I can also endorse the redfish Ferdinand and the sacks (of course). And I personally loved the cochon de lait po-boy. I grew up in Memphis and am incredibly picky about my bbq (in truth, I'll rarely settle for anything but Payne's--check it out), but the cochon de lait was a real eye-opener--tender and flavorful.

    Have fun, y'all.

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