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  1. Thanks Rosie, I'll do my best.

    We're also fond of Trattoria Corrado on Station Sq in Rutherford. Largely for convenience & ambience. I've had some very good homemade raviolis there, some decent fish. Always feel satisfied there, if not always bowled over.

    Enjoyed a Malaysian place over in Montclair called Taste of Asia. But they are now "relocating" - their lease ran out at the end of 2003 & they haven't found a new site yet. We're on their mailing list for notification of reopening, I'll wait till they're actually open again & we've tried the new version a couple of times before commenting further.

  2. Interesting. It will throw in some competition for Jim Dandy's. Jim Dandy's has decent ribs but the place is quite dirty and the food is expensive. The ribs are always tender but there is just something about the place that irks me. I cannot pinpoint it. Service is fair. They have that -we don't need your service -attitude. Wonder if the Jim Dandy's in Rutherford is better or the same?

    My only experience with the Rutherford Jim Dandy's is as a source of takeout. The staff has seemed quite pleasant every time I've gone there for a pickup. It looks quite clean, I wouldn't hesitate to eat there if I were in the mood.

    Their main virtue for me is decent, if not exceptional, food + convenience. Ribs are tender & reasonably tasty, though nowhere near the best I've had. Burgers are quite good. I particularly like the one slathered with melted cheese, onions & green peppers.

  3. I'm still addicted to the Union Sq greenmarket in NYC. After nearly 20 years working in the area (that part of my life is past now), it's a difficult habit to give up. In season, I still hop on the train with my backpack once a week & load up.

    Which makes this time of year rather dreary, of course.

    I live quite near that Rt 17 farm market, & have to say that, while the prices are good, I've never found the quality to be anywhere near that of a good greenmarket.

    It sounds like I'm going to have to investigate Corrado's ASAP. I didn't know of the place till now. Thanks for mentioning it.

  4. Hi folks,

    Newbie here. I live in Rutherford so have been to Mignon a few times. Always enjoy it. It is a bit pricier than I'm used to, but we usually wind up carrying something home - their portions tend to be pretty large - so overall I feel like they offer a good value.

    I'm particularly fond of their grilled pork chops with caramelized onions. Someone had mentioned, I think in another thread, that the creamed spinach was heavy on the onion. For me "too much onion" is a phrase that simply doesn't compute, so I absolutely love the stuff.

    I have no idea where to rank the place against other steakhouses because we really don't frequent them. But it's a very satisfying place to have so close to home.

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