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  1. thanks everyone for a fascinating week . very stimulating
  2. thanks to all for a fascinating week talking to a lot of very smart people
  3. a few additional places I like union square cafe, gramercy tavern, daniel, cesca, march, and thanks for the stimulating week
  4. a great standard question i use often myself. but in this case, nothing really thanks for all the great questions and stimulation
  5. because it's hard to get good help! thanks for an informative and stimulating week. you are an amazing group!
  6. I do but I will more now. You are a formidable bunch and I thank you for a stimulating week. I wish I could have done more but you caught me while I was doing two jobs: regular and reviewing. That is now over and I'm off to try to flavors of New Zealand
  7. we don't always know the name of the pastry chef or that there is a separate one. when the apstry chef is mentioned on the menu, we can say something, which reminds me trhat in a review upcoming i wonder if they have a pastry chef, and if not, why not
  8. thanks everyone for all the stimulating conversation. you are so knowledgable
  9. thanks everyone for all the stimulating conversation. you are so knowledgable
  10. The policy with re-reviews is that isn't one. It's very difficult to get around to all the new places that deserve a review one time around. But when something is called to our attention by more than one person, or someone we know and trust - ie the palce you gave x stars to has improved enormously or decline precipitously, we try to get back to it. In fact I have one coming up next week, my next to last review before I go back to my regular work. Thanks for all your great questions
  11. In all of this I think you have to remember that the people who are interested in slow food, in locally grown food, in the best of everything belong to a very small, select group. Some would say elitist. Whatever it is, in this world it will never be big business . Once big business takes it loses what makes it precious right now. They are doing that with organics and while it is certainly better for the earth and for us, it is putting small organic farmers out of business and twisting waht organic is supposed to mean. That's why I said when I have to make a choice between organic across the globe or local but not organic, I'll choose local
  12. That's a tall order. You make some good suggestions. I will pass it on to my editor
  13. Now that I have ascended the escalators at the Time Warner buidling and seen the views from some of the restaurants, I'm sure people will go. Thomas Keller at per Se has a breathtaking one but so do others. The retail I can't answer whether people will ride up and down or not.
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