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  1. Hi all. Been away a long time - very busy writing and speaking and doing book tour stuff. The 1st book has been such a success the publisher has asked me to do a sequel. So I'm returning to ask y'all for more recommendations. eGullet members were a big help in finding stories for A Cook's Journey, so I'm hoping that folks will once again chime in with names and places, food and farms all over the midwest. I seek people who "walk the walk" of Slow Food ideals, whether they are actual members of the movement or not. From Ohio to Oklahoma to North Dakota, the new book will tell the stories of
  2. Hello all, I'm afraid I haven't the time just now to wade into this, and will try to return soon to offer a fully formed opinion, but I did want to register one point of information, just for the record. NYT got their facts wrong - Corby Kummer is not a member of the Board of Directors and does not speak for Slow Food USA (or international) in any official, formal respect. More when I have a chance...
  3. Daniel, Where Mr. Sterling's argument is wrongheaded, yours is simply insulting. You have no right or reason to accuse me of being incapable of free thought or the ability to reason, as your statement clearly contends. Your assertion that "his statements sometimes are little more than cliches" has the sound of those who say they don't like the movie Casablanca because "it's just one cliche after another," blissfully unaware that it is original source of the ideas that became so well known as to be regarded as cliched. My rebuttal, which you term an "attack," was not against one who disagreed
  4. Takadi, you may find it petty, but the perpetuation of these accusations makes it harder to do the good work Slow Food is trying to do. And by this I mean the perpetuation by individual members and local convivia as well as my the MSM and the blogs. My goal in getting this conversation going on this site and others is to combat causes and effects so that our work can go forward unimpeded.
  5. Not sure it is a better buy - you should try the La Quercia And I'm pretty sure you can find it there in Philly - at least if you have a Whole Foods or Dean & DeLuca - both carry their products. I know you can find it at the south street store
  6. Geez, I go away for a couple days and come back to find I got a real barnburner going here. How nice. Slow Food does an awful lot of that. We are all about making sure markets are created and/or sustained for products that fit the good/clean/fair model. And for the record, I'd much rather spend $12/pound on La Quercia Prosciutto (made right here in Iowa) than $100/pound on Iberico any day. I'll have the Iberico if I ever get back to Spain. I'm passionate about good food, not silly about it.
  7. What gets me is (and I just learned this), Mr. Sterling now lives in Turin, where the Salone and Terrra Madre take place, just a few miles from Slow Food's birthplace and HQ in Bra. He should know better, yet chooses not to. To be controversial? To tick off overly-sensitive, internet-addicted Slow Food members like me?
  8. The March, 2008 issue of Metropolis focuses on the overarching idea of localism and its relationship to sustainability. It is, as always, a beautiful and well-written issue, but in it one particular columnist, Bruce Sterling, has taken Slow Food to task accusing us once again of that old canard, elitism. Now while it is true that the movement is often accused of such things, it is not an accurate accusation, nor is it always such a bad thing anyway. Bear in mind that most of the great social movements throughout history were begun by the so-called “elite,” (witness abolition and suffrage - not
  9. All of you are familiar with the social networking model in general, and perhaps the Gather.com model specifically. Well, I've found a site built like Gather that caters to restaurant professionals. It's called FOHBOH.com. If you're in the biz, you know the reference. For the rest of you, the abbreviations in the URL stand for "Front of House" and "Back of House" It operates much like Gather, points and all, but it's a lot newer. They have fewer members (around 3,300 right now I think) and more gadgets, bells and whistles. Video, recipes, wine/beer/liquor, cook's complaints, waiter's compl
  10. I'm with all y'all on Fine Cooking and Art of Eating, both fantastic magazines written by people who know what they're talking about, but I gotta put in a plug for all my cohorts of the Edible Communities. These are magazines of local food all over the country, and now a couple in Canada. See the list of all of them here Get a deal and subscribe to 3 of your choice by clicking here
  11. I wrote them via the site a couple months ago, as a friend and I would very much like to set up an Edible Silicon Valley. I never heard back. Is there a preferred form of communication? ← Very sorry for my delayed response as well. I've been away from this board for a while. I can hook you up with the right people if you'd like to drop me a PM or an eMail. I'm on k.friese (at) MCHSI (dot) com
  12. <img src="http://cmsimg.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/bilde?Site=D2&Date=20071104&Category=ENT02&ArtNo=711040302&Ref=V4&Profile=1039&maxw=490" title="EIRV Autumn 2007" alt="EIRV Autumn 2007" align="right" height="244" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="191" />OK, yes, most of the time that term, "The Paper of Record" refers to the New York Times. With less than 2 months to go to the caucuses and exactly a year to the election, though, right now it belongs to the Des Moines Register. And in the big thick Sunday edition today, splashed all over the cover of the
  13. Last spring I posted about the launch of the official blog of Edible Communities, the nationwide (and now Canada too!) family of local food magazines. 6 months later, EdibleNation.com is jammed packed with content and eager for your input too. Gulleteers are some of the most food-savvy folks on the net, and I think you'll like what you find on EdibleNation.com
  14. HEADS UP... A story by Marion Burros about Edible Communities will run in the NYTimes Food Section this Wednesday, August 29th, sources report. Oh, and the main Edible website has undergone a makeover. Looks good. More later.
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