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  1. 2 of my favorites but we're looking for some tablecloths for this one. i wish the front table of lupa would make mom happy but she's thinking a bit more luxe.
  2. i'm trying to put together a dinner for my mom's 70th at the end of january. have tried babbo, alto, a voce columbus, convivio, union square cafe, and a handful of others which all limit in-dining-room tables to 6 or 8 tops. we would like to be in a somewhat bustling place with food and cost on the level of those mentioned above, but without being forced into a private room. so far ciano is the best choice we have but we were hoping for some selection so mom can choose between 4 or 5. it doesn't have to be italian btw, but steakhouse is probably not in order. thanks
  3. mrud

    John Dory

    thanks david. it's on my list for next week.
  4. there is definitely room for 4 in front of the boss, and i would just let him do what he wants tempered by what you like. you will eat enough, and don't let the food sit there when he puts it down as even the temp is perfect. price better be no concern!
  5. ate there for the first time on tuesday with a long time regular, right in front of yasuda. it's a temple to sushi for sure, but yasuda's presence and personality seems like it will be hard to replicate. it was $$$$ but perfect in every way i can measure and i'll go back whenever i can (especially before he leaves) but it sure seems like it will be a ship without a captain.
  6. mrud


    thanks steven do you think there's any reason to even try getting into eataly tomorrow? also, does the place you recc just sell whole truffles or do they prepare dishes with them?
  7. mrud


    Is anyone going to attempt white truffle day tomorrow? If it's too packed where would you go from there if you absolutely had to have truffles?
  8. mrud


    great post lindacakes. for now, i couldn't (unfortunately) agree more.
  9. and i was ignored by the sommelier who spent the entire meal conversing with my friend. Not once did he attempt to engage me in conversation.
  10. ok, i completely undrestand your point. thanks for that most thorough explanation. i can't wait for my 1st visit and won't order pad thai as i want a unique experience.
  11. steven if it was the best pad thai in the world would it still be pedestrian and generic because of what it is?
  12. it just seems like a strange fit to me after seeing pix of the original and having been in cru many times. my point was most definitely not to say great restaurants can't be in strip malls.
  13. although i've never been to the original i know it's in a strip mall. doesn't the cru space seem like an odd fit?
  14. so among my wine-geek-board buddies this is the ultimate thai restaurant in the country, although admittedly i've yet to go. now the rumor is it's opening on lower 5th and i was wondering if there's any buzz out there. i've never really been able to discern if the wine guys just like it for the amazingly deep german list or if the food is really that good, but i can't wait to find out.
  15. mrud


    so far, i'm more in agreement with this review. as i said above, i just don't see the wow factor wearing off any time sooner or later and i think i'm going to leave this place alone for quite a while.
  16. so i'm pretty excited about this place and hoping for good initial reviews. anyone hit any soft opening events or plan on going in the near future? emilia romana downtown sounds pretty good!
  17. steven that together with the opening of eataly must have a lot of people wondering the same thing
  18. Not only that, but it reads like there may be some sort of PERSONAL GRUDGE against EMP. Just sayin... my last gourmand dinner at emp was almost divine. only one course out of about 9 failed to wow. dinner there sunday was even better, although with keller, boulud, humm, bocuse (jr) and kent making their own courses, it wasn't about to fail
  19. i never thought i wanted "fancy" italian food until i sat at the bar at marea. del posto didn't excite me either time i was there with its table side service etc, but that was quite a while ago. i will go back based upon his review, but suspect i will still like the bare wood tables of lupa more for what i like from an italian restaurant. just my 2 cents of course.
  20. i have to admit that i missed all of the following: you are a host here your location your post count cheers
  21. mrud


    i've been 2x and can't believe nobody has mentioned the maddening crowds. maybe it's just the opening buzz, but this place has so much potential that it could be crowded forever! on my first visit the service in the piazza was as confused as it could possibly be, but the crudo and antipasta (almost) made up for it. on my 2nd visit i could barely get in the door.
  22. weinoo, just so there's no confusion the ms refers to marisa may (whose name i couldn't remember) not to a master sommelier. her dad tony owns the joint.
  23. at sd26 recently we mentioned that the cacio e pepe was room temperature. the bartender went and got ms may who explained that this is how it's traditionally served in rome. maybe so, but i greatly prefer lupa's.
  24. with the new variable it will probably be jg by default. to me per se is the better restaurant, but jg is my favorite lunch spot in the city.
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