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  1. Lotus Cafe is on River St. in Hackensack -- in the small strip mall where the larger Home Depot mall and Pathmark are located. Lotus Cafe remains one of my favorite "regular" places to eat Chinese. The food is consistently good and the staff is always friendly. I'm glad that someone else here agrees with me about Lotus. I know that most of you are high on China 46, and Lotus may not be quite up to that level, but it's an alternative! Janbee
  2. I just returned from a lovely week in the White Mountains! We took the cog railroad to the top of Mount Washington and hiked through Flume Gorge. Since we were based in Bethlehem we tried two restaurants that I thoroughly enjoyed! Cold Mountain on route 302 in Bethlehem was inexpensive and delicious! My salmon was fresh, cooked to perfection and seasoned with a delicious tamari glaze. It was only $12.95....easily a $26 entree back in New York! The lentil soup and mocha cake were also DEE-licious!!! We also enjoy Tim-Ber Alley in the Adair Inn in Bethlehem. My pork tenderloin was nicely seasoned, moist and tender. The mesclun salad was nicely dressed and included with the entree. This is definitely a spot for fine dining! Although I did not eat there myself, I heard that Grand Depot in Littleton is also very good. Maybe next time. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will surely return to the White Mountains region again! Janbee
  3. I think Kinara does a lunch buffet. I seem to remember a sign outside the restaurant that advertises the buffet. I only go there for dinner, so I can't promise that my memory is accurate! Kinara is very good. The gentleman who owns it used to work for the Indian restaurant on Route 4 in Paramus -- Namaskaar. Namaskaar isn't bad, but we really do prefer Kinara. Try it! Janbee
  4. Last week, I called Relish to make a reservation for a 7:30 p.m. dinner on Friday night. I called Thursday around 1 p.m. The gentleman who answered the phone told me he "couldn't read the notations in the book" and would have someone call me back within the hour. Well, no one ever called back. When I called later that evening, I was told that "no, they did not have any 7:30 reservations available, but they could seat us at 8:30 p.m." When I asked why no one ever called me back they said it was because 7:30 p.m. was not available. Huh???? I think I deserved a courtesy call back anyway. Obviously, this place is having some growing pains since receiving such excellent reviews. Not unexpected, I guess. I still want to try Relish, but we'll wait for a week night when things are less hectic! Janbee
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    I went to the new Moonstruck last summer. I always loved the Ocean Grove place and we went there whenever our shore journeys took us nearby. The new place is lovely and we enjoyed our outdoor table overlooking the lake. I remember that the food was good, but it was a Saturday night and the place was jam packed so the service could have been better. Last year they didn't take reservations (don't know if this is still the same practice) and we waited over an hour for a table. Had it been my first visit to Moonstruck I would have been more impressed. Unfortunately, I missed the charm of the little storefront place. I just love those small places where you get personal service and dynamite food! I also missed the BYO and this new place now has a bar. Don't, however, be discouraged. You should have a very enjoyable meal at the new Moonstruck. It's just a different Moonstruck. Try it! Janbee
  6. Thanks for your review, menton. I have heard equally good reviews from others. Looks like I'll have to add Relish to the top of the list! Janbee
  7. Let me add my votes for Water's Edge and Louisa's! I spent two nights last week in a Cape May that was not yet flush with tourists. Water's Edge was a lovely, somewhat trendy setting with fairly inventive and tasty cuisine. Be prepared to spend $100 plus for dinner, but it is worth it. Louisa's is a small, informal nook with a relatively short menu -- but everything was so fresh and everyone was very friendly. Don't plan on Louisa's if you mind sitting elbow to elbow with other diners. The room is tiny. The food was so delicious, however, we enjoyed disecting our entrees with our neighbors and guessing the ingredients of the delicious cabbage salad that accompanied our seafood. BTW, Louisa's is also a bring your own. Enjoy! Wiener, I envy you... Janbee
  8. I have been to Bacari a few times for dinner and had my both sons' Bar Mitzvahs in the very pretty banquet room and as well as planned countless PTA Holiday Parties at the restaurant on Monday nights when the place was officially closed. John, the owner, was always very community-minded and treated us well. My overall impression: the place is better at ambience than food. I think that South City Grill may also be affiliated with the "Grills" but am not entirely sure. Janbee
  9. We went to the newly opened La Cambusa in Ridgewood last night. I arrived thinking I was in for some good Italian food. Boy, was I wrong. We began with a Caesar salad. It arrived looking like a bag of pre-chopped romaine had been put on a plate witha few boxed croutons -- not even Pepperidge Farm croutons! The dressing, although light and somewhat tasty, was barely there. I felt like I was eating plain lettuce. We shared a half portion of lobster ravioli for an appetizer -- too bad it was delivered with our entrees. The ravioli was tasty but too al dente for me. I ordered the chicken with portabella mushrooms. It was so dry, I could barely saw through it with my knife. The floured chicken breast was in a tasteless gravy that I could liken only to chicken stock mixed with white flour. The mushroom was equally tasteless and was served in three hunks on top of the chicken. Yes, hunks. Not even slices. I could not get over how this dish had absolutely no flavor. No wine, no garlic, no lemon, no balsamic...nothing. Not even a piece of green parsley. For the first time in a long time, I sent it back to the kitchen. My companion has breaded veal topped with arugula (lightly dressed and spread over the plate in an unappetizing stack) with chopped anemic looking tomatoes and three hunks of fresh mozzarella (served cold.) The veal was breaded and fried. At least it was tender. We were so disappointed, we paid the bill and left without dessert. I know that this restaurant has a following, but if this meal is any indication of things to come, I choose not to be a member of that group. Hopefully someone has a more promising story to tell about La Cambusa in Ridgewood. Janbee
  10. What about brunch at the Bicycle Club in Englewood Cliffs? I think they have a party room. Even though I have been booed when I say how much I like Bischoff's, I know they have a cute party room upstairs at the Ridgewood location. El Cid in Paramus has a party room, too. I haven't been there in ages. If you're looking to spend a bit more there's The Assembly in Englewood Cliffs, Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack and Ho-Ho-Kus Inn. I was recently at dinner party at Ho-Ho-Kus and it was much better than I remembered it to be. Good luck with your planning. Janbee
  11. Pity, I don't recall the guava flan being on the dessert menu last night. I hope I catch it next time around! Janbee
  12. janbee


    We peeked in Daruma last night on our stroll to Tapas de Espana. It looked V-E-R-Y interesting. I will return!!!! Janbee
  13. After reading all of your glowing recommendations on Tapas in Hoboken, I booked a reservation at the new Englewood location last night to celebrate my sweetie's birthday. Nice atmosphere, attentive and unobtrusive service only added to the delicious food. We ordered three tapas -- a California avocado salad, fried sweet plaintains and marinated pork cubes. All three were delicious. The avocado was soft and fresh and topped with a lightly seasoned oil. I have a weakness for plaintains, they were just great! The pork, albeit slightly dry, was soft and flavorful and arrived toped with soft red peppers and cubed potatoes. Then, we shared the Shrimp in Salsa Verde for an entree. It came with chips and Spanish rice. The shrimp was cooked perfectly and was in a salsa verde that was much less overwhelming than those I have tasted in other Spanish restaurants. In fact, although all of our dishes were seasoned with distinctive Spanish flavor, nothing was overwhelming or overdone. I often leave Spanish restaurants feeling as though I am taking the odor of the meal (emphasis on garlic) out the door with me and have a hard time digesting long after the meal is over. This was not the case with Tapas. We shared a small pitcher of red sangria (next time I'm trying the white) and for dessert had a delicious, creamy flan that had a hint of lemon (no coconut flan offered as I've read about at Hoboken) and a light homemade sponge cake filled with vanilla creme -- it tasted like an extraordinarily good Hostess Twinkie!!!! The bill, before tip, was $65. That was very reasonable for so much food! I would definitely recommend a reservation, especially on the weekend, since there were only a couple of vacant tables on a Monday night! The next time we're in the mood for Spanish cuisine, I will return to Tapas de Espana. There is no need to consider anyplace else. Janbee
  14. Since I work in Hackensack I've been to Bangkok Garden many times and always enjoy it. Been to Wondee's only once. Maybe the decor threw me off. What can I say, I'm a princess... But reading all your comments makes me want to go back and try Wondee's again. I'll have to focus more on the food and less on the wallpaper, I guess. Janbee
  15. I like Victoria's in Teaneck on Queen Anne Rd. It's a tiny remodeled house with lots of charm. The desserts are pretty good and they still serve cappucinos in the tall glass mugs -- not cardboard cups like Starbucks. I've been to Cool Beans in Oradell. For the most part it has become a teenager hangout. I just see too many of my sons' friends when I am there! Janbee
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