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  1. Wu Liang Ye is indeed extremely potent. It's a very popular accompaniment over a 12 course meal in Chinese restaurants in Asia. I love it Soju's not bad either. Some Korean restaurants will actually make a cocktail drink called a yogurt soju that's not too bad.
  2. Welcome vern! You look familiar....
  3. Hello all, new to this board. Great read, thanks. Although I'm not sure if I agree with CA's tasting on HC3. For me, it has a flavor that's a bit off, almost paint thinner like. Slightly bitter and not sweet enough I suppose. I guess it's because I enjoy the smokey/woody/slightly sweet flavors of a good Scotch or Cognac that turned me off on the HC3. Maybe I should just mix it with some Coke next time. Never had HC7, HC Anejo or any of the other darker, aged stuff, although I'd love to try them if I could only get them. Thought about buying a bottle of HC7 recently, but the price was just too much...$50! Any tasting notes anyone?
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