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  1. https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/6576-freezing-cream-cheese
  2. Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning is being recalled by McCormick's and the CFIA because of potential salmonella contamination. "Possibly national." https://inspection.canada.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2021-07-27/eng/1627415297823/1627415303540?utm_source=r_listserv
  3. In my neck of the woods a cuke ordinarily runs $1.49 to $1.99 at the supermarket, though they can certainly top $2/ea in mid-winter.
  4. Mashed works, but you need to have a fair bit of fat in 'em for the texture to be passable. Lots of cream and/or butter, and perhaps even some cream cheese (I'm sure all those stabilizers and emulsifiers help). Cut and blanched for french fries works, too. That's all I've got, but I'm sure others will weigh in.
  5. Harvest Fresh zucchini spirals are being recalled for possible listeria. The recall only affects Ontario (so far) but since many of our Canadian eG'ers are residents of that province it seemed worth a share. https://inspection.canada.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2021-07-25/eng/1627223862593/1627223863422?utm_source=r_listserv
  6. They're grown here on my coast as well. I was at the farmer's market this morning (Truro, NS) and a couple of the vendors had them for sale. July in NS is probably pretty close to May in BC, in terms of "how far we are into the growing season."
  7. My GF's former mother-in-law did exactly that, and was deadly serious about it. She had one of those novelty wine glasses that would hold an entire bottle, and was very diligent in drinking the one glass of wine per day that's supposed to be good for one's health.
  8. Cahill brand Irish Porter cheese is being recalled for Listeria, affects Ontario and points east. https://inspection.canada.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2021-07-23/eng/1627105017346/1627105022827?utm_source=r_listserv Also there's an update on the previous halva recall for salmonella. https://inspection.canada.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2021-07-23/eng/1627102160740/1627102166413?utm_source=r_listserv
  9. I actually own one, but you're right. The last time I wore it was when my mother-in-law was in the hospital on Mother's Day. I prepped lobster omelets on the tailgate of my van for her and my GF, and brought them to her room while wearing my chef jacket and toque. She still talks about that, occasionally.
  10. chromedome

    Lunch 2021

    I checked the manufacturer's site, and apparently the Ultimate Fish Stick isn't sold in Canada.
  11. In Newfoundland, both capelin (somewhat in the smelt/sardine continuum) and squid are enjoyed as snacks, both lightly salted and then dried.
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