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  1. i always thought it was all about ratings and good tv but if that was the case, then why are all the cute girls already gone?? on survivor, big brother, nanananana, whatever have you they always keep a few hotties around. its pretty entertaining, but if one of these donkeys really get their own restaurant, that is a scandal. and the real tv show would be this disaster waiting to happen. i will continue to watch and right now my prediction of a winner is one of the ladies.
  2. Rocklands for sure, but the best kept secret is right here in woodbridge, Dixie Bones.
  3. Rafa's, Rafa's and oh yeah Rafa's, in Roses. Enough said.
  4. Ramsey is the biggest WANKER in that whole restaurant. Any decent chef would figure out some way to make it happen, no matter what the problem. Shutting down the restaurant, twice for that matter is the epitomy of cowardliness. But I like the show, definitely entertaining.
  5. This thread makes me remember how i lost my romance for dining out. It is soooo much cheaper at home. And the greatest foods can be done so simply with a little practice. I cant read this one anymore, the food looks beautifu!!
  6. when i worked there last year one of the things that amazed me was the fact that it is a really casual place, for the guests at least. come as you are seems to be the policy. i saw diners arrive in shorts with sandals, athletic jerseys, you name it. dress how ever you feel comfortable, youre at the beach.
  7. speaking of delaware, did anyone visit the meals of the masters event last sunday in wilmington. i didnt hear much about it, my maestro counterparts said they ended up making almost two thousand lobster raviolis a la minute, so they didnt get to see much else.
  8. there are lots of great places in charleston, but, you really have to know where to go. many places have gained a great reputation, based on mediocrity. my highest recommendation always goes to McCrady's where you can dine casually and brief at the bar if you like, or have a beautiful fine dining experience in the historic dining rooms. even McCrady's for dessert is a good idea. pastry chef Michele Rupe will satisfy your sweet tooth, guaranteed!!
  9. dont be too stingy, if you want good seafood, you gotta be willing to pay the price. for me whole foods has really good stuff. slavins is iffy at best. i like the wharf downtown. but in order to get really good fish you have to know what it looks like. and yes plaese stay away from safeway and giant, they have wack fish.
  10. wow cool video. to see it in person under the pressure of service is a lot different but you get the just of it. anyone interested really must try this technique, because once you try it, you realize how amazingly similar the texture is to true caviar. and this is a similar technique used to create the larger spherications that resemble egg yolks. and even larger spherications that have an egg yolk captured inside that look like a poached egg. green eggs and ham anyone? try a pea soup sphere with an egg yolk inside served with air of jamon iberico, its kind of surreal!!
  11. i think that the lead pic is one form of alginato and a example of the powder on the black stone. for some reason the label is un readable in the photo that i downloaded. i have pictures of all the chemicals in the jar and out and i posted this one as an example. the macaroon is a genuine macaroon, recipe courtesy of pierre herme's creative chef. he came to el bulli for 2 weeks last year to exchange ideas and recipes. we immediately started serving the authentic macaroons for a pre dessert. a tribute to ferran's open mind and appreciation for all things culinary. the albert adria "book" is actually a small box for the mignardise served at the finale of the meal. i heve more than 1000 photos including every plate, spoon, stone, and receptacles used. not to mention all the party flix.
  12. sorry guys but i was downloading some more flix and hit the button twice so they downloaded twice. for some reason i cant delete them. im not good with these computer things, thats why im a cook. one of my favorites i put on is the family of pajaros, birds, that were living in our dry storage area.
  13. the syringe setup is used for making the caviars, with alginato. the droplets of alginato mixture fall into the water with calcium chloride which are then removed and rinsed. those morels are being hung after being dipped in kappa, a gelatin, we had to hang them so that the stem was open because then we were filling them with more gelatin, which was mushroom stock flavored with thyme. they were used for a dish of morels in escabeche. i mainly worked on the fish station but due to the complexity of all the dishes our participation was necessary in all aspects of the preparation. from shucking oysters to final garnishing of plates.
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