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  1. The latest edition of Cooks Illustrated also ran an article on yeast waffles.... don't have it with me today, but will try to post their recipe tomorrow.
  2. You might also try Lundy's. I've only been to the Sheepshead Bay location (right on the water - on a nice day, you can walk along the harbor, watch the ducks/swans, examine the catch o' the day from the day fishing boats. I'm pretty sure they do lobster the "old-fashioned" way. The other location is in Times Square.
  3. I spoke briefly with Chef Benno last night at ICE. He said that he believes it will be at least a full month from now before they re-open. (And just as a point of interest, they are currently setting up an intern program and interviewing for interns.)
  4. Wow! That's all there is to say! What an incredible team. I'm awestruck at the the speed of cracking eggs, and the ability to multi-task. Must be years and years of practice!
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