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  1. I haven't logged into this site in a long time. But it's where I got to hang out with Bourdain. Had dinner with him once. He was who he was. RIP
  2. Well Donde Denver? Going Next Week.
  3. http://describedbycooksillustrated.tumblr.com Spot on. "Scotch-taping wrapping paper should be easy, right? Wrong: too often you end up not with a clean, invisible seal but an unsightly web of fingerprints. We thought we could do better. The trick, it turns out, is swapping your dispenser for an egg slicer - and replacing the tape with softened leaf gelatin"
  4. I was watching an ATK episode yesterday with all slow cooker recipes. I don't know the vintage of the show (though it did have Lisa McManus, who I believe is a more recent addition to their cast of characters), but they recommended the Crockpot 6.5 qt with the touch screen controls. At the time it was apparently about $130 if I recall correctly; I looked it up last night and it can be had for about $80 from some retailers on-line.
  5. Yes, in the middle. I've never tried it at a corner. I purchased a lid for my cambro and I plan on modifying it the way you did. I have one question/concern I'm hoping you can help with. Can the lid be lifted/removed in order to put the food in the water without removing the SideKIC? From the picture you posted it looked like it might be hard to lift the lid up once the SideKIC is in place. Do you place your SideKIC in the middle of one of the Cambro sides like Chris did? I've always put it more towards the corner, with the pump facing outwards.
  6. I've set up the same way as Chris, and i have no problem opening and closing the lid for access. The hole cut in the lid just sort of pivots over the top of the SideKIC. I've also wrapped the sides of the container in a pipe insulating material. I glued it on, which you might not want to do to your container, and of course you can't see in which means lifting the lid when you want to take a gander. In this set up, there's no appreciable loss to evaporation and very little temp fluctuation. FWIW, my unit is steady on with my thermapen double checks. My longest cook was 40 hours. I purchase
  7. Man v food visited a place, i want to say in Rhode island, where they completely steamed the cheeseburgers, in a special set up. As you might expect, they were described as juicy.
  8. FWIW, a nice fresh cake donut is my favorite variety.
  9. What you really mean is that "Asian" food [again, what does that mean?] is just "non-European" or "OTHER". I think the responses here have established the Eurocentrism prevalent here. Differences between shades of grey in European cuisines are readily grasped but everything else does appear (from the responses) to be just "OTHER". I suppose that is to be expected due to the backgrounds of those posting here (so far as I gather). Too bad. Over and out. Yes, i try to always put on my Klan hat before i post.Edit: Hood! Sorry, it's a hood! Huiray, is pan-asian something i made up just to ar
  10. Uggh. DD coffee is as bad as Starbucks. As i said, in a relative sense... KK donuts are nothing if not sweet. When i was a teenager, we sold them at school for fundraising. Rather than that, some buddies and i had a donut fight. It was hard to drive with the sugar glazed windshield my VW sirocco had afterward.
  11. In the world of food, it's a reference point. It doesn't require UN intervention. "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. If the--if he--if 'is' means is and never has been, that is not--that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement..."
  12. If we are taking about food, which we were, and if the word "Asian" is what has your panties in a twist, let's substitute "pan-Asian," which is an accepted term for an Asian fusion style of cooking. That's what Sheldon does, and he's good at it. And it's really all he's done on the show. Look at the list. Pedantry aside, i don't think Sheldon himself would go to these tortured lengths to dissect what is really a pretty simple observation. On the cruise, and i paraphrase, Sheldon said to Brooke, "I don't want them to think i can only cook Asian food." Brooke: "Then stop cooking Asian foo
  13. Sheldon's list. Its hard to see this as balanced as Kristin's. Even in the team challenges... fried Brussels sprouts salad with a burnt orange Thai vinaigrette; geoduck sashimi, ponzu, apple, and cucumber; chili-oil poached cod with dashi, and spot prawn shabu shabu Chinese jiaozi, a pork and shrimp filling with shitake mushrooms; braised greens with ham hocks kalbi round steak with tomato cardamom broth and fennel salad; Hawaiian mahi mahi green forest breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, pancetta, bacon and spinach; candied salmon with sweet and sour salad banana lumpia wi
  14. Kristin's dishes: Episode 1: Cooking a soup for Emeril to earn a spot, English pea broth with thrice-poached lemon peel, diced apple, and sea scallop. Episode 2, QF: Fried and sashimi geoduck, with radish and bok choy salad, and yuzu chili vinaigrette. Episode 2, EC: Crispy seared salmon, local veg, and spot prawn butter sauce. Episode 3, QF: Nepalese Momo Episode 3, EC: Assiete of root veg, parsnip truffle puree, crème fraiche. Episode 4, QF: Sirloin tartare, mustard sabayone and carpaccio salad. Episode 4, EC: French fried onions and mushrooms. Episode 5, QF: Bacon and cinnamon waffles with
  15. They did Miami in Season 3. As usual, they didn't make the most of the regional cuisines.
  16. That's as may be, but I'd say there's very little evidence to support either alleged agenda.
  17. Thanks, Harters. It's good to know we need not fear for your safety there at Hermiston Gait. I don't drink a lot of coffee, but next time you're around, I've heard that the Dunkin Donuts chain has been getting good marks for its coffee, surely in a relative sense.
  18. I scan the Television without Pity forums for Top Chef. Whenever a female chef is sent home instead of a male chef, there's a consistent faction of posters who maintain it is because Tom does not want another female Top Chef. He always dispatches the women, it is claimed, even when they are better.
  19. The custom at a new Krispy Kreme in Auld Reekie is creating a safety hazard. http://www.scotsman.com/news/edinburgh-krispy-kreme-fears-over-dangerous-road-1-2800585 The story indicates this is the first Krispy Kreme in Scotland. The operation in Austrailia was boom then bust. How has it done in the UK? I grew up in the South of the US, and these donuts were a treat for us when we allowed them. I probably haven't had a hot, fresh sample in 20 years, though.
  20. Thanks, Harters. From the news today, testing continues, and horsemeat was found in cottage pies prepared for schools and hospitals. I had been thinking that industrial canteen type operations would be a likely user of what was offered as an inexpensive beef product. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/feb/15/horsemeat-school-hospital-meals
  21. Don't know if it will change any opinions, and not saying it should, but this was either his third or fourth time through a delivery. His bio says he has three daughters, but I don't know if that includes this one or not. I've seen commentary suggesting it was his first child, which I think would be ... "more of a challenge to miss?"
  22. Should i have the opportunity to have a horse steak in Belgium, i suspect i would try it under those circumstances. As long as it came with frites.
  23. It was fraudulently sold as beef. Horsemeat is sold for consumption in other places that aren't the UK. To the best of my knowledge, there's no tradition or practice of eating horsement in the UK. Folks from there can correct me. Some of the horses, not groomed for the dinner table, have tested positive for equine meds that are harmful to humans. IMO, what's happened in this instance is a bad thing.
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