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  1. The thread should have been titled, "In the signs of the apocolypse department." Good luck to em. NOT!!!
  2. Marrow Margin

    Per Se

    Groovy. Thanks for that.
  3. Marrow Margin

    Per Se

    Off the subject of Per Se for a moment... I know Stephen Durfee left the Laundry a few years ago, but whatever became of him? Is he still working in the field or has he fled the restaurant biz. I much prefer his work and creativity to Rouxel's--and this is based on first hand taste testing.
  4. Marrow Margin

    Per Se

    Honesty! I'm not sure Keller would know how to take that. But that's what we all wanted. Nice review.
  5. Steep it in your base (simple syrup/additive) and then strain it through a cheesecloth lined chinois--about a million times.
  6. Pricepoint? Get em in the door. Build reputation, therefore client base, jack prices ever so slowly. Amateurs fall away. Die hard foodies remain. It's a strategy that sometimes needs to be employeed in the smaller markets. Though Atl. isn't a smaller market, the food Richard is serving is just experimental enough to make it look like a smaller market (smaller patron base). I think it's another edgy, smart move.
  7. I'll let you in on a little secret...Galway Pipe Australian Tawny. The best.
  8. Valentine's Day is a big time amateur night. You've got to include buzz words into your menus, familiar offerings for the easily confused. Still sounds like Richard ain't working the Applebee's angle however. And that's a comfort. Hit the place on a slow night, like a Monday, call or email ahead that you want the full deal, 31 courses, and I'm sure you'll be singing a different tune about the experience. Asparagus, caramel and parmesan foam?--in a word, sexy.
  9. Jesus...talk about straight out of left field.
  10. And I've been guilty of this time and time again so I'm not bowing pointing poison arrows at any one person...but, I can't stand reviewers who are so into themselves, their own brilliance, that they feel like they need to wax philosophical endlessly about the perfect Oaxacan mole when reviewing the local nickel and dime Taqueria. Often these folks use specialized technical jargon that the general public won't understand so they can justify their paycheck, or worse yet, feel superior to the simple plebs that will read the stuff. "Chef Bubba's metier was fryer work." "The terroir of suburban Newark was ripe with gastronomic possibility." Shut up.
  11. Marrow Margin

    Blackberry Sauce

    1.5 cups sugar .5 cup water 1 pint blackberries 1 tbsp. blackberry liquor or better yet Chambord .75 cup veal demi glace 1tsp. butter Bring water and sugar to medium dark caramel, drop blackberries in and let them collapse down, add liquor and allow alcohol to burn off, add demi and simmer together for 5 minutes. Mount with a nug of good butter.
  12. I'm sure if Chef Keller had gone to Raynaud and Gump's and said - I'm not interested in making any money on this - I'm just doing it for posterity - both would have walked/run in the other direction - fast. Robyn Well of course, he's not going to say, "I don't want to make any money off my creations," and of course, Limoges is going to align themselves with the best "French" chef in the world (many may argue to the contrary). Not everything, or much at all is profit motivated in Keller's world. Go to his restaurant and get one of his magic white truffle dishes where they grate the things at the table. You literally have to tell the waiter "when". Last time I checked, the price on Alba tartufo bianco was 2100/lb. I for one would admonish, no, I'd threaten, my waiters to give each diner three slices, no more. And they're always using a fresh, unadulterated truffle,not yesterday's leftovers. Kind of getting off point. Keller's insane attention to detail may be to blame more than his hopes for a world wide switch to Kellerware. By having a non-profitable line of crockery and china but having Keller attached to the company, Limoges is getting more PR out of it than they could possibly hope for. I read the same article and don't remember getting the impression that this line was destined for Bloomingdales. But lets look at the "facts"... EVO, the company...last time I heard they hadn't turned a profit, but the quality of products produced (vinegar and extra V) was first rate, top of the line. The Mac and Cheese MRE...uh, don't really know, but I'm sure Kroger hasn't been contacted. The quality, according to our bud Awbrig, was killer. California Raisins...correlation to sales? Just plain incalculable. This one I can't attach a quality quotient to because I haven't read any market research but I bet the general public ain't hooking up exponentially more dishes using raisins because Keller's pallid face was in the advertising. Profit motives? Tell me Calphalon coming out with a line of Kellerware wouldn't set the amateur gastronomic world on fire and line pockets a lot more effectively than a line of designer china. He chooses things that interest him, that work for him, that he can feel comfortable putting his name to. Fat Guy was dead on.
  13. Let us pray that Thomas doesn't receive the press ADNY received upon opening.
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