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  1. Are you talking about how people are served in restaurants in France, or how French people eat at home?
  2. Whose that tanned Italian looking guy with the weird teeth I see from time to time while flipping channels?
  3. Those sugar-covered bismarcks look positively revolting and the plastic-chocolate covered "strawberries" look even worse.
  4. I just got back from Paris. Yes, la Tartine has changed. But it's still great. They took all the nicotine and tar off the walls and opened up the back to make room for cafe/restau tables. The only thing I really miss are the wise-cracking saucy dames who used to run the place.
  5. Ocean_islands

    I have 76 eggs!

    What about a sugar omelette? Devilled eggs for 100? Souffles? How about some ice cream? Poached eggs are awesome on toast, and they need hollandaise sauce (more eggs). In the end you could become a painter (egg tempura).
  6. I think they need to come out with a whole-wheat twinkie with organic soy cream filling, don't you?
  7. A lot of places in Florida serve half-size portions for seniors. Unfortunately it's often only up until 6.30 pm. Portions are definitely out of control.
  8. I have to say that I feel vindicated about my review of 'The Restaurant' on realitynewsonline.com when it originally opened (at Realty News Online) -- I predicted he would end up hawking cookware in infomercials. But really, if you have a low-brow food concept and try to charge high-brow prices, something is rotten in Denmark. I never ate there but never felt the need to.
  9. How about a glass of tonic with lemon? There's always Perrier or a Perrier menthe.
  10. Ouf, the macaron wars. Well suffice it to say that macaron are so overwhelmingly bad for you that the whole lot should be shipped out to sea and sunk. Eat one and you're sure to gain a pound on your waist and clog up at least a few hundred capillaries. They truly are the French equivalent of the American hamburger and of course just as good. LeNotre is better than Fauchon, that's all I know -- really I just stay far away from them. The mini macaron are worth a mention because one has the illusion that they are better for you, like a low tar cigarette. And the macaron fanatics are just insufferable people, I really suggest you just invite someone else to dinner and forget they even exist. lol
  11. How about miniature hot dogs on toothpicks with ketchup. Also tiny meatballs in a ketchup/grape jam sauce served on toothpicks are a real hit! lol
  12. Ocean_islands


    You know what's really good? See below: Wonder bread with the crusts cut off, spread with Miracle Whip and then a layer of liverwurst with more Miracle Whip and bread to top off a little sandwich. That's really good but bad!
  13. I can't believe no one has mentioned Au Pied de Cochon 6, rue Coquillière / 75001 Paris Les Halles Famous restaurant for market people in the old days. Never eaten there, but they say it's an experience. Les Halles is not known for good restaurants, by the way.
  14. This sounds like a truly disgusting perversion. Well, it's a free country. Just don't invite me for dinner.
  15. It's unclear about whether you are asking about 'rice recipes' or 'cooking rice'. A rice recipe would have a bunch of stuff added, like chicken stock, or scallions, or bits of onion. Cooking basmati rice is simple. I was confounded for quite some time by being invited by my friend Ansu from Bhopal (by way of Manchester) who always cooked basmati with no trouble nor fuss. One day I watched carefully and noted everything he did. Since then, no worries! Basmati should ALWAYS be rinsed -- especially that bought in Indian or Pakistani grocers. Just put a cup (or however much) in the pot, fill it with water, stir, and pour it out. Then do the same again. That's all. In proportions of two-to-one (minus a tablespoon), put the rice and water in the pot on HIGH. Put on a COVER. In some minutes time you will see STEAM pouring out all over the place. REMOVE the rice from the burner and set it aside. Note: the BOIL should be achieved with the LID ON. Go about and cook your main dish. When it is done, your rice will be done! By the way, NEVER lift the lid. If you do, you deserve whatever befalls you.
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