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  1. corkscrew in princeton i like and there is a place in highbridge in a old bank that is nice.
  2. Everthing looks great!!! One of the best meals I have had was from chef. He is right on with flavors and combos. he is also a good friend.
  3. cibo susci


    jasper Iam with you I like your restaurant and wd-50 not so much. D-rock do you cook? Becouse if you do i think I know you.
  4. I aways wondered about Illuzion Ill have to put it on my list. What did you have Jrichman that you liked.
  5. I am leaving next Friday I cant wait.
  6. shumi in somerville is the best. love it
  7. cibo susci


    We need places like this in our great state. I have spoken to the chef and he seems to be a nice guy. I wish him the best. Tommy I was just thinking about what you wrote when I was reading the NYT this moring and Dave Drake got ****. The 1st thing I looked to see was there a wine list. Does BYOBs deserve ****. I dont know? What does everone think. HI Curlz and Hank
  8. I went to Le Bernardin on Thrus night. Its was great!!! The service food and wine. It was not stuffy at all. Not aged at all. I had the tasting menu and 3 great wines.
  9. cibo susci


    I went to Maremma last night. It was very good and Cesare sent out a lot of courses. We tried everthing the food was very good and the place was very cool. I wish him the best it is a tuff sell. But when your there it makes sense.
  10. If your going to trash the place then at least be honest about what happen. I would to love get into it but your not worth my time.
  11. Thank you for all you support. Some of the last year and Rosie from when I had hair. I have a Harvest wine dinner comming up in October so I would love to see you all. MC
  13. Well, you are really going to enjoy pizza night. You will make the dough and the toppings ahead of time. Mariano then cooks them in an ancient wood fired oven. We made so much that we kept some in the fridge to have some cold pizza for breakfast. The Italians were horrified. It was very, very good. - Bob (PS-Ask the staff about beer pong.) ← Now thats funny!!!!!! Beer pong?
  14. It sounds great!!! I have been cooking for 20 some old yrs. That includes makeing pizza alll thought my teens. Which it is still hard to find great pizza. But thata is what I am looking for. Being a chef is not what I do it is who I am. Ill go just to drink wine for the week. Thanks Bob
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