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  1. Anybody know where Mr.V is hiding?What about the journalist from LaPresse who attended this event? Whoever supported this guy must have some comments or knowledge to what this is all about. As far as we know he is an entrepeneur who has managed to lure 3 chefs to Montreal,including Grant Achatz,eat and entertain in many restaurants,ask deposits for upcoming events,all along thinking he could not pay anyone for their services or return deposits made by cooks from Montreal restaurants? Interesting story,to say the least...
  2. This all sounds bad.It appears these acusations and rumours may be true?It may be hard to get chefs to come to Montreal. How much has he managed to rip off?Has he been doing this for some time?I heard about these seminars,but was under the impression that it was a personel invite only.There were some journilists that attended.What is their reaction to Mr.Achatz's claim? Did he stiff you the bill Zapata?
  3. I went to Entrecote St.Jean and I regret ever recommending this place to anyone.It has been 4 years,I was a regular,was a place before a Sunday movie,but it obvious they cut the product quality. I swear it 100% cow,as in dairy cow.I have never in my life tasted a piece of meat that was so tough,tasteless and had the worst texture.Before I received my plate, I was wondering why everyone was sawing away at their steak,but after a few minutes I was hacking away. Yeah its not fine dinning,I know,but at one point it was a good place to go.It is certainlly scratched off of my list!
  4. Pots


    try Da Pizza a Nizza-next to Latini. I am not sure of there seating but perhaps they may be able to hold this many persons at once as they have 2 floors.I have never had a problem with the food as I think there is alot of effort at this restaurant. phone number BTW,is 861-7076,
  5. Pots

    food suppliers

    I was looking for a fish supplier as well as a vegetable supplier
  6. I will be in Toronto during the holidays and would like to take the time to see some of the better food suppliers that cater to fine restaurants in Toronto.I am a chef in Montreal and am always searching for what is new,fresh,organic and different.Can anyone help me out with this and give me some advice as to what may interest me in terms of high-end food suppliers.Also any advice on Japanese food stores would be appreciated As well I will be dinning one evening at Susur,and await to try out his food.
  7. Since you are on the topic of Quebec cheese,I have to add my thoughts on the subject in the form of a question. Since the industry has grown so big,we find alot of inconsistency with the product.Kenogami,for example can be either over-ripened or in most cases under-ripened.Why is there not a governing body that overlooks,sells and markets Quebec cheese,if it is so vaible? Many of my clients ask me for Quebec cheese and sometimes I respond,I do not always use it,(the product),because I find it inconsistent.I do not want to dissapoint the followers of the Quebec cheese industry,as the products are fantastic,but if the demmand is as high as it has become,for these products,do you not feel that they should slow down and take some time to organize and develop as it seems to be getting huge? The vendor who sells unripened cheese to clients is the culprit-not the producers,as it leaves the wrong impression to the user. It would be nice to hear some others comments on the direction of the Quebec cheese industry?I do not understand how the government does step forward and see the viability of this important industry.
  8. Its not just Americans and Ontarioites who visit Gibby's.There a fair share of Quebekers.I go and I don't know why? Its a tough question why people continue to go Gibby's?I think it has something to do with the 70's and when you first started to go to restaurants with your folks.The basement is cozy,they treat my kid like he's the man The Bavarian dressed ladies are not that bad.I always tell them NO Brocolli and I still get it, but at least they smile.The valets are nice. The best thing to do when you go to Gibby's is bring a calculator and try to estimate how much money Mr.Gibby does in one night?Scary.Perhaps we(restaurant people) should all try to figure it out,as it seems to work-but I do not know
  9. To get back to the topic>... Garcon was just voted top new restaurant in CANADA,and in this mornings Gazette,there appears several advertisements for a full overhaul such as an Executive Chef with a minimum 2 Michelin Macarons,(I didn't know there were some available) Sous Chef,Garde Manger,bartenders,dishwashers and valets. Does it make sence how an award could be given just 2 weeks ago and now the place is in total disarray.If you went to eat there this evening what would you get?Somebody must be able to comment on this place? Usually these awards bring massive results to restaurants,out of curiosity or exposure.Has anyone eaten there since "THE AWARD"? It makes you wonder if enroute gave the award because of ...... the carpet?
  10. Best ice cream -I am suprised nobody ever mentions Hartley's in St.Lambert
  11. Good point.If ya ever down to St.Johns' NFLD try the boiled corned beef with peas pudding.Can be found in most pubs,but on a cold windy day,its the best comfort food you can never beat! Another "corned"item" we used to eat in the maritimes was "corned pork necks" Anyone ever tried that? Just to add another note to the topic,do you think that Schwartz's smokes their briskets,thus giving it the name Smoked Meat? Perhaps it was years ago,but I think thay have since changed.Doesn't matter,its good whatever they call it.
  12. who cares whos got the better restaurants.Do you think a topic like this gets much attention between SF or LA.Ask the question to tourists and the answers will be more precise.As for classy people and the most Stanley cups-you got a long ,long way to go in both area's!
  13. The jumbo lumb crabmeat that you are speaking about,is the same one that Milos' makes his famous crabcake from.Shelf life is one-day at the most.It is sometimes available at Le Mer,but it a pasturized product,ussually cooked at the docks.Do not ever buy frozen crab at it retains water and deteriorates the product. The fresh snow crab that Le Mer is selling is from the Gaspe and is about the best crab product on the present market.Buy the shelled version.
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