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  1. If you are going up I-89, check out Ariel's in Brookfield, a family-run fine dining resto near the Floating Bridge. If you stop in Burlington VT, I'd say check out Sadie Katz's for some truly great New York style deli. Au Pied de Cochon is all you have heard about and more. Hope you have your reservations lined up. When in Montreal, head north to Little Italy and check out Marché Jean Talon, largest open air market on the North American continent. Spend the day and nosh. Have a great time.
  2. The best poutine I had at PDC was a few years back. It was a lobster poutine. Lobster velouté, cheese curds, and claw meat on fries. It was a half portion, served along side their lobster roll.
  3. Plogue à Champlain. See my rec earlier in the thread. The Confit Lamb Shank. The Cochonailles Platter. The Tomato Tarte. The Cromesquis de foie gras (deep-fried foie gras "McNugget".) The Fish Special, whatever it is. The Poutine au Foie Gras is very, very popular. Personally I find it too salty. Duck in a Can is also very popular. Haven't tried it yet so can't recommend based on personal experience. Yes, on the high chairs.
  4. The person on the other forum said that the Cabane did not open on the 19th as planned because of permit problems. Still waiting to hear whether they were open tonight. I see on their website they've got their own phone number now. You could call or email them if you're worried. Update: Just heard back. They were open for business tonight and the first report is good.
  5. Their website says they are opening March 19th.
  6. Your ability to predict the future fills me with awe.
  7. Try the Plogue a Champlain. Buckwheat pancake, cooked on one side only, potatoes, thick-cut bacon, aged Cheddar, eggs poached in maple syrup, and seared foie gras all topped with a duck/maple reduction. Sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does, beautifully. Another of my favorites is the Melting Pot. An iron pot full of rich garlic cheese mashed potatoes, topped with three or four different cuts of pork, two different sausages, roasted onions and mushrooms and the pork roasting juices. Very satisfying on a cold winter night.
  8. Cabane a Sucre au Pied de Cochon's website is up. No menu as of yet.
  9. Loved the food porn show. I want, want, want that taleggio and short rib sandwich. I want everything at David Chang's place with a side of onion rings. And it was a genuine thrill to see Martin Picard and his crew; Hugue, Mehdi, and Emily. I am a huge fan of those people. They are the culinary equivalent of rock stars to me.
  10. I heard this on "that other board" from someone taking a cooking class from Martin Picard. Cabane a Sucre au Pied de Cochon is supposed to open at the end of February, beginning of March in Mirabel. The restaurant will seat about 100. The food will be served from carts, Dim Sum style.
  11. ...and then explode directly afterwards? Does Chloe make wafer-thin mints?
  12. Club Chasse et Peche is a wonderful restaurant, but it is more fine dining using high quality Quebec products than a "traditional Quebec restaurant". Restaurant Bazaar, alas, is no more. The chef/owner closed it and retired from cooking professionally because of health reasons.
  13. Thanks for the help locating Seville Oranges. Now I need pork bellies and pork shoulders ASAP. I live in Montpelier, VT but I'm willing to travel.
  14. Does anyone know a source for Seville oranges, either online or available locally in Vermont? Thanks.
  15. One or two people they might let eat at the bar if those people walked in early and promised to clear out in 90 minutes. With five people... I have my doubts. If I were you, I'd take the 10PM rez. As to your specific question, I don't know for sure whether they set aside tables for walk-ins. My impression is that they don't.
  16. Délires du Terroir 6406, rue Saint-Hubert 514.678.6406 http://lesdeliresduterroir.com/ Supermarché Rahman - Le Paradis de la Bière 151 Laurier W. 514.279.2256
  17. Brewpubs: La Taverne du Cheval Blanc 809 RUE ONTARIO EST (514) 522-0211 Le Sergent Recruteur Pizza & Biére 4801 ST LAURENT (514) 287-1412 Brasserie Artisanale L'Amère À Boire 2049 RUE SAINT-DENIS (514) 282-7448 Brasserie Artisinale and Bistro Le Reservoir 9 Avenue Duluth Est (514) 849-7779 Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel 29 AVENUE LAURIER OUEST (514) 490-9555
  18. Ms. Forbes, Who was the Vermont cheesemaker Keller got his cheese from?
  19. Anyone know what Chef Eric Gonzalez will do next?
  20. Don't waste your time with Queue de Cheval. It's an overpriced steakhouse with a criminally overpriced wine list. If you're in that area, try Decca77 or Europea. Great prix fixe lunches, way more bang for your buck. If you really want the steakhouse experience, go to Moishe's on the Plateau.
  21. My Godson ate there a couple of weeks ago and reported that it was as awesome as ever. The lobster roll (Guédille) has been on the Summer menu for several years now so there's every reason to expect it to be on the menu this year as well.
  22. But Bilboquet will have the TIRE A LERABLE ice cream. violetfox, I recommend the tire a l'erable ice cream at Bilboquet, it's got delicious chunks of maple taffy in it, and it's only on sale for maple season, which may include the time you are here in April. ← Uh oh, I'd better try BOTH! I knew that this trip was going to be the best kind of trouble! Indeed, maple ice cream with chunks of maple taffy sounds irresistable, but I can't pass up Havre aux Glaces either. Montreal IS a good city for walking, right? ← Actually, yes. I find it a great city for walking. Have a great time.
  23. Eat at Au Pied de Cochon. If a dish can't be made with mostly local products, they won't serve it.
  24. More and more, I'm hearing good things about Kitchen Gallerie. Are they an A V V place? ← Apparently I was being obscure in my last post. My question is whether Kitchen Gallery is a fully licensed establishment, or a "bring your own wine" sort of place? (A. V. V. = Apportez Votre Vin)
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