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  1. Could anybody give me a suggestion for a restaurant that serves an iced seafood tower? Visiting from Atlanta next month and would love to indulge. Thanks!
  2. LoveToEatATL

    Seafood Towers in NOLA restaurants

    Thank you HungryC!! Luke's was exactly what I was looking for. Making reservations now.
  3. LoveToEatATL

    Seafood Towers in NOLA restaurants

    Hi Katie, we plan on making many reservations while we are there (Bayona, Stella, August....to name a few), but wanted the seafood tower as well. We are not strangers to NOLA, but thought someone might have a suggestion. Anyone?
  4. I have been reading about Chef Waerebeek but all I can find out is that she is the chef for Concha y Toro and that she is a leading authority on Chilean cuisine. Does anyone know if she is at a restaurant we could visit? Thanks, Patti
  5. This is around the corner from my place and I would love to go this weekend. Has anyone been? Input anyone? Thanks! Patti
  6. LoveToEatATL

    Dinner! 2008

    Could you please share how you make those? I love them but my tries were unsuccessful - I kept burning the cereal on the outside. Thanks!
  7. LoveToEatATL

    Spreading Cookies

    I have just pulled a batch of molasses ginger cookies from the oven and instead of being nice and plump like the bakery cookies, they have really spread out. I portioned them out with an ice cream scoop, but they still spread. If there is already a thread on this, I apologize, but I would love to hear how to fix this problem. Thanks! Patti
  8. LoveToEatATL

    Spreading Cookies

    Hi Merstar, That was my first thought, but the recipe didn't call for it....is that where I went wrong? Thanks Patti
  9. I have some clients going to London in August and are asking for recommendations for a good Mexican restaurant. They are staying in Kensington, but anywhere in London would work. Thanks Patti
  10. LoveToEatATL

    Anisette Brasserie in Santa Monica

    OMG, RJ, that made me howl!! It is far too true. To my chagrin, I just heard about it yesterday. Stopping by this weekend.
  11. Just what I needed. Thanks for your info!
  12. Nikkib, I appreciate what you are saying and it would be my choice, but they are hell bent on having Mexican in London. Thanks, Dougal!
  13. LoveToEatATL

    Tortillas made on the grill

    I adore fresh made tortillas, but my last try resulted in tasty tortillas but massive smoke and smoke alarm ringing. So I thought I would try them on the grill tonight. Can I use a cast iron skillet on the grill? Thanks, Patti
  14. LoveToEatATL

    Tortillas made on the grill

    For some reason I thought I needed really high heat to make the tortillas. Great to know - thanks!
  15. LoveToEatATL

    Crab Legs!

    I've taken the meat, mixed it with a bit of mayo, celery and onion and put them in rounded chips like nachos - they are so good and so unexpected!
  16. LoveToEatATL

    A Cook's Tour

    Just a funny little story. This past winter I was driving to work in Venice and could have sworn I saw Anthony Bourdain in a red mustang convertible onto Abbot Kinney. I thought this seemed weird because he seems like the kind of guy that would hate L.A. Lo and behold, last night we were watching "A Cook's Tour", and there's Anthony Bourdain - in L.A. - driving a red convertible mustang!! Crazy. This town is nuts. I gotta get back east.
  17. LoveToEatATL

    A Cook's Tour

    A Cook's Tour was filimed years ago, so if you saw "him" just this past winter, it wasn't Anthony Bourdain. ← Well, I saw him, so that makes it even weirder!! A ghost perhaps? Tony - are you out there? What say you?
  18. LoveToEatATL

    RIP: Tastespotting

    Where have I been? I have never seen any of these sites - I'm so happy right now, it's like Christmas!!
  19. LoveToEatATL

    [ATL] HALO

    Is it still open? If so, go by and check it out. When I was there a few years ago, they had some nice small plates and tasty cocktails. I also liked that you had to know the address to find it - there is no sign. I got a kick out of that.
  20. LoveToEatATL

    Atlanta Steakhouses

    Hal's and Highland Tap are both oldddddddd school. And lots of fun for just that reason. I would love to hear your thoughts on Kevin Rathbun's Steaks, tho!
  21. LoveToEatATL

    Sunday Brunch

    I've always enjoyed Front Page News in Little Five Points. Great brunch, pretty patio with a lovely fountain and a yummy bloody mary bar.
  22. LoveToEatATL

    Atlanta- Pick One Restaurant for Me!

    I adore Rathbun's - but I am also crazy for the staff there. Restaurant Eugene is fantastic. We are coming back to visit Atlanta after being gone for a year, and our choices are Rathbun's, Kevin Rathbun's Steaks and Holeman and Finch - owned by the folks at Restaurant Eugene. And Woody's cheese steaks, of course!
  23. One of the best meals I had in B.A. was at a place called Juana M. It's located in a converted orphanage and lit with nothing but candles at night. Here's a link to a review: http://www.frommers.com/destinations/buenosaires/D55858.html
  24. LoveToEatATL

    Your POS System - Please help

    Hi All, I am doing some research on POS systems, and would love to hear your input on how you feel about the system you are currently using. I would love to hear from GMs, servers, chefs, bartenders...anyone who needs to track anything in your establishment. What do you love about it? What do you dislike? What features would you like to see? What features do you always use? What features do you never use? GM and Owners - did you buy your current system with everything intact (hardware and software) and what do you think is a fair price for said system. If you could tell me how large your establishment is, that would be incredibly helpful. If you would not like to post your opinions here, please feel to PM me. I have been an egulleteer for a long time and always value the opinions here. Thanks so much! Patti