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  1. LoveToEatATL

    Seafood Towers in NOLA restaurants

    Thank you HungryC!! Luke's was exactly what I was looking for. Making reservations now.
  2. LoveToEatATL

    Seafood Towers in NOLA restaurants

    Hi Katie, we plan on making many reservations while we are there (Bayona, Stella, August....to name a few), but wanted the seafood tower as well. We are not strangers to NOLA, but thought someone might have a suggestion. Anyone?
  3. Could anybody give me a suggestion for a restaurant that serves an iced seafood tower? Visiting from Atlanta next month and would love to indulge. Thanks!
  4. LoveToEatATL

    Dinner! 2008

    Could you please share how you make those? I love them but my tries were unsuccessful - I kept burning the cereal on the outside. Thanks!
  5. LoveToEatATL

    Spreading Cookies

    Hi Merstar, That was my first thought, but the recipe didn't call for it....is that where I went wrong? Thanks Patti
  6. LoveToEatATL

    Spreading Cookies

    I have just pulled a batch of molasses ginger cookies from the oven and instead of being nice and plump like the bakery cookies, they have really spread out. I portioned them out with an ice cream scoop, but they still spread. If there is already a thread on this, I apologize, but I would love to hear how to fix this problem. Thanks! Patti
  7. LoveToEatATL

    Anisette Brasserie in Santa Monica

    OMG, RJ, that made me howl!! It is far too true. To my chagrin, I just heard about it yesterday. Stopping by this weekend.
  8. This is around the corner from my place and I would love to go this weekend. Has anyone been? Input anyone? Thanks! Patti
  9. Just what I needed. Thanks for your info!
  10. Nikkib, I appreciate what you are saying and it would be my choice, but they are hell bent on having Mexican in London. Thanks, Dougal!
  11. I have some clients going to London in August and are asking for recommendations for a good Mexican restaurant. They are staying in Kensington, but anywhere in London would work. Thanks Patti
  12. LoveToEatATL

    Tortillas made on the grill

    For some reason I thought I needed really high heat to make the tortillas. Great to know - thanks!
  13. LoveToEatATL

    Crab Legs!

    I've taken the meat, mixed it with a bit of mayo, celery and onion and put them in rounded chips like nachos - they are so good and so unexpected!
  14. LoveToEatATL

    Tortillas made on the grill

    I adore fresh made tortillas, but my last try resulted in tasty tortillas but massive smoke and smoke alarm ringing. So I thought I would try them on the grill tonight. Can I use a cast iron skillet on the grill? Thanks, Patti