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  1. Thank you HungryC!! Luke's was exactly what I was looking for. Making reservations now.
  2. Hi Katie, we plan on making many reservations while we are there (Bayona, Stella, August....to name a few), but wanted the seafood tower as well. We are not strangers to NOLA, but thought someone might have a suggestion. Anyone?
  3. Could anybody give me a suggestion for a restaurant that serves an iced seafood tower? Visiting from Atlanta next month and would love to indulge. Thanks!
  4. LoveToEatATL

    Dinner! 2008

    Could you please share how you make those? I love them but my tries were unsuccessful - I kept burning the cereal on the outside. Thanks!
  5. Hi Merstar, That was my first thought, but the recipe didn't call for it....is that where I went wrong? Thanks Patti
  6. I have just pulled a batch of molasses ginger cookies from the oven and instead of being nice and plump like the bakery cookies, they have really spread out. I portioned them out with an ice cream scoop, but they still spread. If there is already a thread on this, I apologize, but I would love to hear how to fix this problem. Thanks! Patti
  7. OMG, RJ, that made me howl!! It is far too true. To my chagrin, I just heard about it yesterday. Stopping by this weekend.
  8. This is around the corner from my place and I would love to go this weekend. Has anyone been? Input anyone? Thanks! Patti
  9. Nikkib, I appreciate what you are saying and it would be my choice, but they are hell bent on having Mexican in London. Thanks, Dougal!
  10. I have some clients going to London in August and are asking for recommendations for a good Mexican restaurant. They are staying in Kensington, but anywhere in London would work. Thanks Patti
  11. For some reason I thought I needed really high heat to make the tortillas. Great to know - thanks!
  12. LoveToEatATL

    Crab Legs!

    I've taken the meat, mixed it with a bit of mayo, celery and onion and put them in rounded chips like nachos - they are so good and so unexpected!
  13. I adore fresh made tortillas, but my last try resulted in tasty tortillas but massive smoke and smoke alarm ringing. So I thought I would try them on the grill tonight. Can I use a cast iron skillet on the grill? Thanks, Patti
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