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  1. Just saw a blurb in Time magazine. Its great to see one of my favorite restraurants are doing so well. I will be returning with some chefs from baltimore later this summer.
  2. Being a former partner in a high end restaurant, I know what a server goes through to earn a tip. I always tip 20% and up even for bad service. I realize that is unrealistic for most people. But the reality is that the reastaurant business is filled with long hours, high turnover ( which could arguable account for many restaurant failures) and cheap tippers ( which could arguably account for high server turnover). So having seen what it takes to obtain a tip, I always make sure to tip 20%.
  3. It's not a "destination" restaurant - and it's in Chicago - which isn't a "destination" city. I happen to love Chicago - and the eating there (and the architecture and the art!) - so don't blame it on me. Robyn I have to strongly disagree with you here. Have you been to Trio? Have you been to Moto? Charlie Trotters? Chicago restaurants are much further advanced than any other major city in the world. I have just named 3 tasting menu only restaurants, there are 2 others........no other city in the world can even come close to that. Unfortunately, many diners take chicago for what it use to be. Look at it from an unbiased standpoint. For many years chicago has had a label as a "fast food town", I can tell you personally I know many chicago diners that are tired of that and support restaurants like Moto and Trio a lot. You cant come close to experiences like these anywhere else in the US. Chef Achatz & Cantu will lead Chicago to a very new level of dining. As far as Trio not being a destination restaurant - I think this makes me want to cry.
  4. I had an excellent meal at moto (3rd times the charm). Everything was awesome. Service, atomsphere and the kitchen team were kind enough to invite me back as a guest chef - thank you chef Cantu. Just wanted to mention that the restaurant is getting tons of press, just this past sunday the tribune wrote an interesting article available here . I also saw them in aprils elle magazine and I hear they may be on WGN next wednesday in the morning for a live cooking demonstration, however I could be mistaken.
  5. Perhaps you should try it again, my experience was mindblowing. I have dined at El Bulli, Michel Bras & Pierre Gagniare and I can say with total confidence that this place is on its own level. From the "virtual smoke" box, to the bass baked tableside, everything was truly delicious and very inventive. I have reservations twice next week and I cant wait. I have already dined there twice and recieved 2 totally amazing experiences worth every cent.
  6. I have a reservation tonight at moto, I will post an extensive review of my experience. My wife and I will be ordering the 18 course menu. I called up and they said they are waiting for their liquor liscence and for a short time they will be byob. By the way, its good to meet all of you, I have been anxiously waiting to post and chat - nite rider
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