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  1. The bus to take to Siena is a blue bus, similar to a Greyhound bus in the US. It goes non stop from Florence to Siena in 45-60 minutes. Antonio
  2. I think Friuli is one of the most underappreciated regions in Italy. Trieste is beautiful, especially at night. If you have a car, be sure to explore Grado, a small seaside resort with nice wine bars and great fish restaurants (sadly I can't rememebr where we ate there), Aquileia, famous for its Roman ruins, and Cividale, which is actually closer to Udine. In Trieste, you will be near one of the premier winemaking areas in Italy, the Collio. There is an immense variety of first class wines (mostly white) that come from the Collio. There are also numerous wine routes in the towns of Capri
  3. Unless you are really patient, I would highly discourage you from renting a car to go from Florence to Bologna. Both cities are highly congested. In Florence you have many one way streets that can be a nightmare if you don't know your way around. Bologna is often besieged with trade show traffic. The train is definitely the best way to go. The bus to Siena from Florence is convenient and cheap, it leaves from a terminal off ot the side of the train station. A car is essential if you want to see the countryside outside Florence, which is beautiful. Outside Florence are several fashion out
  4. Does it need to be Trieste in the city, or will you have a car? What kind of ambience-elegant or casual? Antonio
  5. Trentino and Alto Adige are sometimes lumped together as one region, but they really are two very different and unique places. Trentino feels very Italian, until WWI it was the northern border of Italy. You will see many monuments to the war in this region. Alto Adige, which is also called South Tyrol, was annexed by Italy after the war and retains a distinctly Austrian feel. People will speak to you first in German, then Italian. The locals have also retained their unique language called Ladino, which is impossible to understand for outsiders. As you leave Verona going north on the A22
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