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  1. Wow. Off flavor? I have been cooking in a Romertoff (sp?) for 30 years and have never had that happen. Mark
  2. MArkF

    Cooking plain old chips

    Couple of things.... Make sure the the potatoes are rinsed well in cold water. Dry them after.Too much starch on the chip will cause them to brown too quick. Make sure they are at room temperature. If to cold on the inside, it will take longer to cook. Also, do not cut your chips too thick. I had that cause trouble too. Here in California, most prefer to rinse/soak...1st cook at 160C until soft and rubbery followed by 180C until brown and crispy. I appreciate that you do not want to double fry, but make the best French fries. I make both fires and chips this way with Yukon golds with no issues. mark
  3. I bought a Gowise air fryer. Got tired of dealing with smell and left over oil. Now that I have used for a while, I have found that it works well and is just big enough for the 2 of us. Heats a lot quicker than my full sized oven. Its 3.8 quart but I may donate this to one of the kids and get 5.8 quart. Got the Gowise as it was considerably cheeper than the Phillips and got good reviews. It came with perforated parchment liners for the basket. Those work good. Made fish and chips the other night. Instead of batter, I put beer in the egg and then did flour-egg-flour. Came out really good! Mark
  4. I bought a Lodge cleaning brush few months back, $7! It does a wonderful job cleaning cast iron. Mine have never looked so well. Wipe them down with a very small amount of oil after use. It came with a small hard plastic ridged scraper that I use on by ribbed grill plate. Try one one those, they are way cheap and work pretty darn well. Mark
  5. When I recently purchased a new range, I ruled out induction because of the limitations. The big 3 for me are 1 - cannot bridge 2 burners with a single pan, 2 - you cannot run all burner on high, 3 - limitation on pan material. instead I opted for a dual fuel range with an over the range convection microwave (small kitchen). This configuration has worked very well and I get to use my spring steel wok.
  6. I cook at 200F until meat reaches 135 ish. Cover and let rest 30 minutes to 1 hour. While resting, I crank over to max. When rested, I put meat back in for 10 to 15 minutes to crust the outside. I do this cause wife likes it that way. refidgerate over night, slice as thin as possible. this method yields a nice bark but the meat stays medium rare from edge to edge. No gray ring! Mark
  7. I just got rid of more than 120 cookbooks effectively eliminating my collection. I get so many recipes on line now that I virtually do not use them anymore. i just wonder if I did the wrong thing....... thoughts? Mark
  8. I just installed a DACOR convection microwave and it's my second one. It was expensive. I believe that it is a rebranded sharp but sure works well. Its the over the range style. Gives me 2 ovens to use (microwave and range). With just the wife and I in the house, it gets used as an over quite a bit. Kinda hard to clean though. The thing to remember though is that is microwave, convection, or both together (way cool). The DACOR one does not have any conventional oven capability but this has not been a showstopper for up. mark
  9. I am a bit confused about the comments about rough surface on lodge cast iron. I have both new (rough) and old (smooth) and see no difference at all in cleaning, seasoning, or cooking between new and old. Griswold remains arguable the best, but due to the increasing popularity of cast iron they are increasingly hard to find. For me, I like lodge and have used it for 40 plus years. I have no issue with the low prices. Its cast iron after all. Mark
  10. I had space constraints in my "oh-so-small" kitchen and after reading many articles questioning the cost vs benefit of "pro-style" ranges, I opted for a 30 dual feul range (Dacor RSD30) and matching convection microhood. Cost for all plus installation was $1300 lees than Viking 30". Am very happy with it all. Mark
  11. For me its 3 fold- 1 - Being a home cook and no longer a resturant cook (30 years ago)...allows total freedom of expression without portion control or answering to the "higher authority". 2 - Having a family and friends who are more than willing to try new things...complimenting successes and critizing failures. 3 - Having my children wander into the kitchen to help with 1 and 2...that may be the best of all... Mark
  12. I opted for the Dacor (Panasonic) convection microhood. It gives me a second oven for the rare times I need it. Inside is SS and is easily cleaned with a spray of 409. Cooks the same as the big oven. I like to combination methods (30% microwave plus convection heat). Cooked a boness leg of Lamp (2.5lbs) to med in 20 minutes...nice and crusted on the outside too. Not sure if the Advantium is a "better" system but I didnt need to learn another way to cook. Mark
  13. MArkF

    Wine for Cooking

    After reading this thread, I guess I realize how lucky I am. I live in Sonoma county California and always cook with what I drink. We get very good wines at very good prices around here....but I only wanted to add that one shouldn't skimp on the quality of the wines one cooks with because in most cases the wine flavor is concentrated during cooking....who would want to concentrate a not-so-good taste? Mark
  14. I will never again forget to poke a hole or two into my potatoes before baking in the oven....was kinda like 4th of july and Christmas all in one oven...really spectacular actually....not as hard to clean up the potatoe "snow" as I thought and the explosion sounds we cool too.... Mark
  15. MArkF

    Turkey Brining

    I guess I am the only one who doesnt brine. I am attentive to check for doneness and have never had a complaint about "too dry". I am not convinced that brining causes enough moisture to be abosrbed into the bird to really make such a difference... I also do not like the added salt and suger...these are things I don't need. Mark
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