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  1. This mornings papers say that 1 in 3 dead is a child. Fresh water wells have been filled by seawater. Local newspapers are a mosaic of tragedy. People are washing up miles away from their home. A blow to anthropology is that the indegineous protected tribes of the Nicobar Islands are feared to have been dealt a death blow if not wiped out. Sri Lanka reports that Land mines have been pulled out by the tsunamis and there is no way to find out where they have been depositted. Aid is getting there, Tons of food water and blankets have been airlifted in but it's not enough. The hygiene and sanitation is beginning to be an issue. I have no words to express my feeling, I just read the papers, watch the news and pray. Rushina
  2. I now have 20 books on Indian Cooking, added the 50 curries book. I highly recommend it! Rushina
  3. Just doing an edit on this post I could not get my hands on The turmeric trail, Ain e akbari – abul fazl, Oxford companion to food and Historical companion to Indian food by Achaya (though Vikram has promised to help me out with atleast a couple of those.... I did get Ultimate Curry Bible, Vikram also gave me Food in History - R. Tannahill So my total stands at 19. (Total cookbooks number 36.) Will recount post the birthday... Rushina
  4. Monica, I would like a recipe for the curry leaf chutney too. Rushina
  5. For Gautam and everyone else, Indian Chinese is a result of two different influences, niether of which have anything to do with Calcutta. It started when, a Delhi socialite discovered sichuan food and introduced it to one particular Delhi restaurant. As Monica said (the article was probably one of Vir Sanghvi's), The main onus for creation of what we call Indian Chinese food can be laid at the feet of Mr. Nelson Wang owner of China Garden restaurant. He deep fried and masallafied the stuff and served it up. I am sorry this post is vague, but I have put down what I can remember from Vir Sanghvis column. The said column has been compiled into a book in which Vir classifies this food as Sino Ludhiana. I will reread the relevant columns and post in detail again. Rushina
  6. plain old sugar - yummy oh and a recent experiment - nutella - absolutely awesome! Rushina
  7. I like em boiled with a bit of salt Rushina
  8. yeah those two will grow anywhere. When they are in season, they are all over our garden in Dehra DUn. Oh and lemongrass Rushina
  9. Hey Monica those corn cups are now available at every mall Crossroads, Big Bazaar etc. I make a great version at home as well, so we can include it at the Eg get together.... (the one we will have when you are here...) Rushina
  10. Okay here is something that my mom in law would probably flip out on hearing but while I lived in Chandigarh (about two years) we always got the freshest produce. I could neve bring myself to throw away green Kaddu peels, Green pea pods and the like, I used to boil them into a stock that I served as clear soup in the winter and /or used to thin gravies or cook rice. Rushina
  11. Some Chinese restaurants in Bombay serves a dish called corn cream / corn anyone heard of it or got a recipe? Rushina
  12. Got it in one.... but you only grate of the kernels, stop when you reach the cob. Rushina
  13. Vikram - not one powerful sister, just have many (MANY) brothers. Actually my birthday comes up right after rakhi. (Rakhis on the 30th and my bday is on the 9 sept.) so its kind of a combined thing. Raghavan - I am really looking forward to reading it. I read a few rave reviews of it on Amazon, that is what made me go for it... Which parts of India are you visiting on your trip? Rushina
  14. I do not have any brand I favour really. the one I am using at the moment is MDH. I think it is a little spicier than the others. tryska - this says it all. however I usually add a bit of turmeric with it for added color and red chilli powder as well. I find the red chili powder accentuates the spicyness of the masalla. I think though the main thing that it has going for it is the aroma that is released when u add ot to food. Has anyone tried it yet? Rushina
  15. Hi Monica! THis thread is now applicable. Monsoons are in Mumbai! It has not stopped raining for 3 days! been eating lots of spicy stuff! Atte ka halva/ Pakoras/ hot and sour soup / rajma rice/ kheema pav..... Rushina
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