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  1. +1 for anti-rose's. drinking anything with rose's in it reminds me of those "kamikaze" shots at some all-you-can-drink club in tj. yummy.
  2. he leans forward to smell the food, not spit in the pot. i watched it in sloooow motion and you can see him lean forward and smell the steam, and nothing comes out of his mouth. he does make a weird, spitting-like face, but i think it's just his smelling face.
  3. I went here on Sunday afternoon. It is definately a great place for breakfast/brunch. Seating was outside on the patio of an old cottage like house built in 1881 right on the railroad tracks in Los Rios Historic District, the "oldest neighborhood in California." The place made me want to site down and enjoy myself. And the food made me want to stay forever. I started with Basil Cured Salmon with Toast Points. Thin strips of cured salmon bathed in a sweet, creamy herb sauce topped with crispy toast points and fresh, chopped herbs from the garden growing next to the dining area. The salmon was rich and soft; the toast were points crunchy and baked with an array of seeds; the basil was spicy and aromatic. I really enjoyed this dish as I love simple, herbed seafood dishes. For the main, I ordered Duck and Sweet Potato Hash, Collard Green Sauce with Wild Mushroom Scrambled Eggs. Two patties of duck hash topped with julienned curls of sweet potatoes surrounded by the scrambled eggs. The duck hash, so flavorful and moist, reminded me of Thanksgiving(?). The mound of fried, crunchy sweet potatoes contrasted the soft hash nicely. Containing sundried tomatoes as well as mushrooms, the scrambled egg was a nice rendition of a simple, yet delicious classic. The collard green sauce lost itself in all of the other flavors, although I did find some cooked greens in the hash along with pine nuts and small cloves of roasted garlic. Another dish, another success. A scone served with cinnamon spiced apple sauce accomponied the main course. I liked the bread and compote very much even if it seemed a little out of place with the duck, but it was brunch after all. My date sipped on a pomegranate mimosa served in a rustic jar with a straw. The drink tasted yummy, if not a little sweet. I drank a 'normal' mimosa, made with fresh orange juice. The chef lives in the little house and opens the cafe from Tue-Sun 8:30 - 3 PM. A very good breakfast/brunch and worth the little drive. Highly recommended for anyone interested in a cozy spot for good food in the morning; the food was fresh and tastey and the atmosphere made me want to relax under that huge tree all day. Ramos House Cafe 31752 Los Rios St San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 Phone 949-443-1342
  4. toni guy

    100% pureed lunch

    No. http://www.ener-g.com/Faq/productfaq.aspx#7
  5. toni guy

    Dinner! 2004

    Brazil nuts and nectarine wrapped in prosciutto. Crab ravioli with creme fraiche and basil. Linguine with Sicilian pesto served with grilled cumin and lemon marinated shrimp. Citrus fruit with rosemary honey.
  6. Traditional creme fraiche is just raw cream that has matured and thickened on its own from the natural lactic cultures. When commercially produced, creme fraiche is pasteurized cream inoculated with specific live lactic cultures. The creme you make at home is a decent substitute but not really the same as the cultures found in buttermilk usually aren't the same as the cultures found in either naturally occuring or commercially produced creme fraiche.
  7. are we talking about the same Las Vegas??? =]
  8. oh man, i forgot about currywurst until this post. my mom ate this when i was little. the smell, the curry powder mixed with ketchup. hmm i wonder why she gave it up when i was old enough to cook? thanks for the memories! haha =]
  9. Ya I live in Costa Mesa but thanks for the info anyways. Next time I'm close to Redondo I'll check it out. I'm in the same boat. We live off of 19th so SMSCo is right there but recently I haven't been too happy with some of their seafood. That's actually the reason for the original post. I love Marukai. I can't say they haven't pleased me when I've gone there, I was just wondering about some other places. mmmm We picked up some unagi last time we were there... pretty good.
  10. For anyone living in Orange County or close by: where's the best place to buy fish? I live right by a Santa Monica Seafood Co. retail store but I was wondering if there is anywhere better to pick up some fresh seafood. Thanks, Chiel
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