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  1. Heres the deal of the century....I bought my guitar directly from Belgium...guitar w/ three frames, including the shipping it cost me $1000...take into account it was about 2 years ago when the Euro v. USD was a bit better....the name of the company is Prefamac...i think they have a website...they were very helpful and it only took about a week or so to get it.....believe me, i tried many different methods for cutting ganache and nothing compares to a guitar...if you paln on doing any kind of serious chocolate production, you need to invest.. good luck Jason
  2. I am not sure if they are in the Chicago area but The Chefs Warehouse (AKA Dairyland) carries Guittard Chcolate. If I recall it comes in 5 kg boxes. They are based out of New York, however, we have a distributor here in Washington DC. Good Luck
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