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  1. PhillyBon

    Food Resolutions for 2009

    Ooh, fun topic. Mine are: - Try all of the little French places opening in and around Queen Village - Cook some recipes from the Viaggio di Vetri cookbook (my husband made the spinach gnocchi the other day and they were delicious) - Eat more pho - Get up to the Monday night BBQ buffet at Sweet Lucy's, and - Take advantage of the low lobster prices more often (they were $4.99/lb at Hung Vuong, 11th & Washington, the other day) Happy 2009! PhillyBon
  2. My friend and I recently made some whipped cream with a couple of splashes of Fernet and a small amount of sugar. It was delicious with strawberries.
  3. PhillyBon

    Doughnut help!

    I recently enjoyed the doughnuts at Gallo's Bakery in Cherry Hill (the plaza at 600 Kings Hwy North). They have about 10 flavors.
  4. PhillyBon

    Modo Mio

    My husband and I were also visiting on Thursday and would have ordered the risotto if it had been offered to us. We were told there were no specials (around 8...) by our waitress. That may explain the unpopularity of the dish. Otherwise, it was a delicious first visit for us. Highlights were the fried porcini appetizer and duck w/ orange-y sauce and braised fennel on the side. Their bread is also fantastic, served with olive oil and fresh ricotta. - Bonnie
  5. PhillyBon

    Coffee Milk

    Hmm, don't think I've heard of Coffee Time before--are the ingredients similar to Eclipse or Autocrat (i.e. mostly h.f. corn syrup)?
  6. PhillyBon

    Coffee Milk

    My heart skipped a beat when I read this thread's title. I grew up just outside of Newport and miss seeing bottles of Eclipse and Autocrat at the store. Used to be a staple of my college care packages... Regular milk just isn't the same. Anyway, I see that Trader Joe's has been selling a brand of what they're calling "Coffee Flavored Milk" but I feel strange about trying an imposter product. Anyone seen a syrup outside of Rhody?
  7. PhillyBon

    Rediscovering the RTM

    My RTM faves: * hot apple dumpling with whipped cream at Dutch Eating Place * Moroccan chicken platter at Kamal's * bread pudding from Le Bus * DIY fruit salad at Iovine's * hot turkey-stuffing-cranberry sauce sandwich at the Original Turkey * pretzel from the Amish pretzel place (can't remember the name)
  8. PhillyBon

    bergamot oranges

    Jubilee Chocolates in Philadelphia has a bergamot-flavored ganache in some of their chocolates, so maybe you could use the bergamot in a chocolate mousse or souffle?