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  1. We have been lucky to spend an evening at El Bulli two years ago on the occasion of my birthday and our experience was absolutely exactly the same as described in the above testimonies. Actually it is our very best experience ever, until and since then. We also have been deeply impressed by the unpretentious wholehearted warmth of the welcome and service (not to mention the excellence of our meal) This is true generosity, this is perfection !! I know from the bottom of my heart that this will never change because the team at El Bulli is composed of real honest people whom I admire. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude.
  2. Thank you for your reply !! I am not thinking about the price, this will be part of my year of "special birthday celebration", so I am simply thinking of the budget for the year
  3. What is the budget for dinner for two at Pierre Gagnaire ? I browsed his website but have not found any price indications and it does not seem uptodate either (actually it still shows a "winter 2005 menu"). Are there any "menu de dégustation" ?
  4. Thank you for your advice ! Please do not hesitate to give me more addresses even of middle top class, lower top class, horrible restaurants, as long as the cuisine IS astounding !!
  5. my Goodness !!! I think I should reformulate my question, we're only concerned in food NOT in a visit to the zoo !
  6. Ritz: do they kick you out after xx minutes ?
  7. I imagined it would consist of a perfect combination of both traditional and excellent food and a traditional and warm atmosphere. I cannot think of any fusion type afternoon tea in a minimalist decor....
  8. Thank you everybody for your comments and suggestions !
  9. I wish to thank everybody for all the exciting suggestions ! I am actually looking forward to this summer holiday in Scotland !!
  10. Thank you for the suggestion which I will follow for sure !
  11. here y'go. My parents lived in nearby Kilmarnock til a couple of years ago + we would go here for good (and enormous) but relaxed dinners at Christmastime. I think my cousin even waitressed here for a while. Don't eat for days before you go. It's a teeny weeny village about 20 mins from Prestwick. http://www.craigieinn.com ← well, if we should not eat for days before we go (as recommended in other suggestions) I think I'd rather re-do my holiday schedule and plan to stay a few more weeks in Scotland !!! (I suspect anyway that Scotland is the type of place which will be extremely difficult to leave)
  12. Thank you Patrick from the submarine, would you have their contact details please ? I could not find them on the internet, not even on the Prestwick website
  13. Thank you ! Actually I was about to post another topic "recommendations for our summer holiday inScotland please" because OF COURSE we would also need to eat at least daily during our 3 weeks holiday !
  14. if you can wait until 1 June, I ll be able to give you my opinion !
  15. Very very best afternoon tea in London please ?
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