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  1. That would be a majority... 30 is greater than 29. So that's a majority. Hello? Drunk? Had something a bit stiffer? If you don't like the people here or the points made simple solution. Leave. Majority means more than half dear ma·jor·i·ty (m-jôr-t, -jr-) n. pl. ma·jor·i·ties 1. The greater number or part; a number more than half of the total. 2. The amount by which the greater number of votes cast, as in an election, exceeds the total number of remaining votes. Maybe you should of left that out... completely ruined your argument. The funniest thing is that you went to an effort to find a definition. Not sure whether it's the effort or that you couldn't come up with a definition yourself. But thanks for enlightening us all.
  2. That would be a majority... 30 is greater than 29. So that's a majority. Hello? Drunk? Had something a bit stiffer? If you don't like the people here or the points made simple solution. Leave.
  3. Ummm... No? Besides, if it happens every year that would seem to be a problem... That would be a majority... 30 is greater than 29. So that's a majority. Hello? Drunk? Had something a bit stiffer? If you don't like the people here or the points made simple solution. Leave. I was talking about my job and this office not this internet forum. People in my office are time wasting tits, i would never say that people on here were timewasting tits. Never. I would more likely say they were Pedantic P..........
  4. 1. Calm down dear it's just a list, we seem to go through this scoring crap on here every year 2. I think your maths may be way off Rooster, it doesn't need a majority to win, it just needs to receive more votes than any other. If a thousand restaurants were nominated and it only got 30 votes, if the next highest score was 29 then it wins by being the most popular. 3. I've eaten at el bulli and it is the greatest thing ever, la la check me check me, i went, are you checking my wickedness, behold me. It was lovely though, i can see why it is always up there, i'm so very tired, so so tired, i think i'm going to go home, why did i add point 3 it wasn't needed, i guess i just wanted to tell someone, the goons here would never appreciate it, christ what am i doing wasting my career in this place, i could have another 30 years of this, i'm definitely going home,timewasting tits
  5. Sorry to be the one to break it to you
  6. Because they don't try to get every penny out of the customer. They could charge far more but they choose not to. The prices the set aren't so high that they exclude all but the richest. And they choose to spend more time developing, experimenting and coming up with new things than turning out the food, so it's only open 6 months a year. It's a choice. When i went a few years ago it was €150/£100 for the 27 odd courses which compares very favourably with London, they filled my cava about 6 times and charged me once, and they wine they recommended from that region was €30 It was brilliant i've read this email back and realised what a pretentious gimp i sound for which i apologise.
  7. Well that one was a bit easy wasn't it
  8. Mustn't give in to Michelin speculation Mustn't start Not again Please no Oh go on then: They'll give Ducasse 3 because they are up his backside Hibiscus to go to rising 2* Same with The Square rising 2*
  9. Marina gave it a bit of a shoeing in today's metro She never round here no more Bet you are still lurking though
  10. I went to a Tapas bar that's just opened on Goodge Street last night. The guy in the kitchen is the guy from the Moro stall on Exmouth Market, he's a good guy and really knows his food. They're going for a reasonably quiet opening with not too much publicity so they can get up to speed without any pressure/hype but from what i had it was pretty good already, we had escabesche of mackerel, pork & oxtail meat balls and a tremendous beetroot dish. Most of the dishes are from £3-£7 so decent value meaning you can pick away and eat and drink all evening, he said they were going for a tapas bar rather than a tapas restaurant thing and reckoned the charcuterie was well worth getting involved with. The wine list was worth a look too. Anyway i liked it and if you disagree i know people OK? That's all i'm saying. http://www.barrica.co.uk/
  11. What kind of indian are you looking for? Are you looking for high end Michelin stuff? Or do you want something more mid-level? May favourite has been Rasoi Vineet Bhatia, haven't been for a while, but has always been superb when i have been. If you're oldman is a spurs supporter perhaps you'd like a meal that was alright for the first 42 minutes then just fell apart after that?
  12. What did the hairy troll taste like? Sarah ← Brilliant it was a kind of peach flavoured candy floss on top of a grilled peach on top of a biscuity thing on top of a kind of ceviche of peachy Good dish
  13. I went for the set lunch about a month ago in the posher side of the restaurant I had a scallop and pea salad starter which was beautiful and for main a skate with a beure blanc & beure noire sauce. Dessert was superb peach concoction with what looked like a hairy troll on the top. I thought the cooking was superb, and some of the a la carte stuff looked excellent, but you are right that the bread thing was annoying, not being offered any bread was a bit of a miss as it wasn't the largest of lunches so some bread would have really helped. I heard apparently they do provide bread if asked but don't offer it if not requested.
  14. For christ sake take this discussion offline and keep it underground, don't you know tescos, Boots, Starbucks, Next and Top Shop have people who monitor channels like this to see if there are any places they have missed in their quest to make every high street in the country the same as every other one
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