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  1. He must have done it for the inflight meals! ← You'll also be happy to know that Thomas Keller once cited in an interview that HE enjoyed chowing down on In n' Out Burgers from time to time. ← In and Out fresh grinds the meat on site and cuts your fries fresh. Fries tend to be undercooked. It's better than the rest, but go to Taylor's for a Pistachio shake.
  2. Latest rumor heard in town. Sonoma Saveurs will reopen with a new manager.
  3. Worth repeating, Get a glove, I bought mine when I bought the Mandoline.
  4. Instructions. http://fantes.com/bron_mandoline.htm Make sure you buy a glove. Just play with it a little. It's really easy to use but really sharp. Never get your fingers near the blades when using.
  5. You must stay at The Madonna Inn. http://www.madonnainn.com/ Do not miss it.
  6. I've never seen it in stores. Seems to be mail order only.
  7. She lives in the town and the whole article was about the North County. Sonoma county can take all day to drive through, it's a big place.
  8. Fried Bologna and Stinky cheese sandwiches for me and dad.
  9. I get what are called pork sirloin cutlets. Pound, breadcrumb, brown, add tomato sauce simmer for a while, top with garlic jack and serve with pasta. It's a good meal for a good price, given the cost of other boneless things (veal, chicken).
  10. Inglenook is not in Sonoma. The town of Sonoma has Traintown for the little one. http://www.traintown.com/
  11. The sad fact is that a lot of people today have inflated expectations of what they are worth. When I was a contractor I'd try to hire laborers with no skills and they would want $8-10 dollars an hour. Carpenters would want $15-20. No truck no or minimal tools, they would require constant supervision. I gave it up and went back to work for someone who paid me what I was worth. That was 18 years ago. I really feel for you kitchen guys cause I eat out a lot.
  12. She said that you just wrap the plastic over the cutting surface and then use like normal. It keep the ginger from going through but it still grates it. I'll try it later.
  13. My GF says that if you put plastic wrap on your microplaner and then grate it works really well. Something she saw on tv. I'll try it in the morning when I can get some ginger and give a report.
  14. Bottled water has to be the biggest rip-off on the entire Planet. I buy my favorite at Trader Joes for $.99 a bottle and it's imported.
  15. Small and kinda loud, best food, Deuce, Depot, Della Santini, Generals Daughter,Girl &The Fig, La Sallette. Pick one and eat. Hard to have a bad meal here.
  16. I hit the same sale and love mine. I especially like that the cutters com off the center post making it easy to store.
  17. The new 2 stage waiters corkscrews won't do that. I gave up my Laguiole and put it in the drawer when I got a 2 stage. http://www.newyorkfirst.com/gifts/m038.html
  18. Leverage on the cover=2x4 duct tape. if it breaks buy new bowl and lid. Be Bold and move foward.Sell at a garage sale as it sits and buy a new one.
  19. You give me $2900 and I'll sell you my RV. 1975 Lazydaze with 49,000 original miles on it. Everything works. PM me and we can work it out. Then you have your own.
  20. It was a lot better before the sellout when they were local. Try the Garlic fries and Marzen beer.
  21. Do a search on this site and you can get Peychauds and Gary Regans orange bitters. They ship. http://www.buffalotrace.com/home2.html
  22. But it had to be Boars Head Baloney. You can imagine my joy a couple of years ago when Boars Head came to Calif.
  23. Peychaud's is used in Sazerac's a famous New Orleans cocktail. http://www.sazerac.com/bitters.html
  24. And here in California it has not hurt business one bit. Just put a bench outside for them. At least the rest of us no longer have to stink like an ashtray.
  25. winesonoma

    renting wine glasses

    If buying is cheaper or equal to renting; Buy and tell everyone to keep them if you have no storage.
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