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  1. You did the right thing as no one cared it seems.
  2. Propane cannons. http://www.suttonag.com/Zon.html
  3. Kids can be like dogs, let one in and ya gotta let them all in. I belong to a group that bans dogs from overnight camping. I don't mind well behaved kids but then you have to include the rest. No kids where I eat please. Or your tips will suffer big time.
  4. Probably no ones been there. Out of the way unless your staying up there. 1.5 hours from the town of Sonoma, where I live and it's outta my price range I think. Sorry I can't help.
  5. Made them last night. Wonderful way to start the weekend.
  6. It's my new favorite place and that's saying something as I live in town. Creative wonderful reasonably priced food. Highly recommended.
  7. Gonna have to make one then because that's all I could get. What's your favorite Gin for one?
  8. Can Luxardo be used to make a proper Aviation?
  9. A review of the El Dorado Kitchen. Glad I waited before going there. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...1.DTL&type=food
  10. winesonoma


    Remember that the best place to store leftover wine is in your stomach.
  11. winesonoma


    A cork and into the refer. Very rare to have it happen though.
  12. Seems to be coming from a small co-op. I 'll check further but I did not recognize the name when I called them. Seems to be these folks, not Sonoma. http://www.squab.com/
  13. Does anyone have one of these things and are they any good? It's hard to believe the price judging from the look and the features. I have to make a move soon. Real soon. I have decided, for reasons of energy efficiency and marital bliss, to unload the old O'Keefe and Merrit, though I love it so. ← Please say it isn't so, Brooks. You will kick yourself if you get rid of it.
  14. Myself, Wolfert and Carolyn Tillie will be having dinner at the Generals Daughter tonight. I should have a report tomorrow.
  15. My old butchers cleaver will split wood if needed. Use the right tool. About 3 lb.
  16. It's a fairly long walk from the Ferry, but not if your used to walkabout.
  17. Camping in the high desert of Nevada, Ghost town, Steam Trains and a giant copper mine. Foie and French cheese for shacks.
  18. winesonoma

    Removing wine labels

    Here you go. http://www.wineenthusiast.com/shopping/pro...CF-4DF2266A7678
  19. You pick up 40 in Mojave and head east in order to see the old 66. 10 is a lot further south. Stop in Amboy and see the Crater on old route 66. 10 is way to far south for where your goin. 40 to Flagstaff then south to Phoenix.
  20. Every butcher or fishmonger I've ever been to has weighed the meat or fish on top of a piece of paper. That's not to cheat the customer; it's for hygiene. ← In that case the tare is set for the paper. It weighs 0 with that paper on it. Otherwise you are being cheated.
  21. You need to lift a roll of butchers paper. If I can get paid for that at say $5 a lb. on average that's a profit center. Don't forget that the scales weigh in the Hundredth's and rounds up.
  22. It weighs enough over the week for a little extra profit. My butchers scales say 0 when they have a piece of the paper used to pick the meat up. So you always get true weight. Sounds like your's want's to have a thumb on the scale. Tell him to knock it off or call the certifying agency (look for a sticker on the scale with the number).
  23. I had dinner for the 2nd time at The Generals Daughter and now have a new favorite place in town. Gf had the red snapper and I had the duck breast. Appetizers were Mushroom ravioli, also Oyster, tuna tar-tare and a shrimp with corn cake. Had a nice chat after dinner with fellow eGulleter Preston the chef. A great new addition to town. It's worth a special trip.
  24. Were they skin on? Because my butcher say's that skin on he would have to order special. Guess the pork rind business buys the skin.
  25. Try FISH in Sausalito. http://www.331fish.com/
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