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  1. My current place of employment is auditioning vendors for coffee service. (Coffee is the one amenity that supposedly increases productivity and so pays for itself.) I was thinking of starting a ‘coffee club’, as I had at other workplaces, with contributory membership. In the past, I used a cheap espresso machine, but this time I was planning on using Illy’s coffee membership program, so we’d get a good machine and good coffee. Illy: http://www.illyusa.com/AB1666000/webpage.c...ge_ID=110&DID=7 It was suggested the I hold off on the club till they finished their search because I might li
  2. I was hoping that 2$chuck would usher in a new era of vin ordinaire in the United States, where there not designation, culture nor producers to support it at the moment. Sadly it has opened up a strange argument over quality/price. Even if it's splendid – I haven't had it – it was only possible because of a temporary condition, too many grapes. There was a time when the jug wine market did have acceptable, dry, wines that could be consumed mindlessly. Gallo Hearty Burgundy was cheaper (and better) in the US in1984 than vin ordinaire you decanted yourself at the Mammouth in Tours, and G
  3. I think many people, who would happily eat rattlesnake lips in venom sauce for the thrill, think Haggis is not exotic enough and tastes bad, so it isn't worth the while. Some of my worst childhood memories were of Burns Night with Grandpa, an unreconstructed Jacobite. No noble pudding as big as your arm, instead individual bladder stuffed Haggi -- nasty, elastic and without the necessary whiskey. They bounced. I was five at the oldest, so maybe I'm misremembering. Perhaps this was just the children's menu Haggis, like the franks and beans at a HoJo's? As an adult, I've liked most o
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