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  1. There is no don't that I am a big fan of street eats, but I prefer mine to be a bit less mobile. Impromptu eats, such as these, may lack the organization that more established carts have. Their facilities may not just be lacking, but totally non-existent. I prefer more "established" carts, where the vendor has garnered a reputation, and although possibly hidden, usually has some some hygiene standards. ------- There's something of interest in the second photo: It shows the frugality of some Thai people. Notice the recyclable container labeled "Pop Oil"? Now, recycled oil might be a good alternative energy source, but it's use in cooking - a relatively common Thai cart practice - has been questioned. I don't even want to know what might be in the green container!
  2. "Bo bpen nyang, say I." And all this time I thought you was a city boy!
  3. Have a nice lunch at Point Loma Seafoods. Very casual.
  4. If you find some time at the airport, why not check out it's food court. It would be interesting to find if it has anything good to offer.
  5. Maybe printing out the photos of the storefronts could also be useful. It would be extremely difficult to locate these without my wife.
  6. The Importfood.com Saochingcha guide is full of great eateries. The ones we have tried have all been exceptional. My personal recs, all over Bangkok, are here: Cheap Eats At Aw Taw Kaw, be sure to try the ba mee this lady's stall:
  7. But, do they still taste of a perfect combination of onion and gasoline?
  8. Maybe if one had a sense of humour, one might have appreciated the comment for what it was... ← From past threads, I couldn't tell!
  9. "How can you live in Bangkok and not have eaten at Dosa King? That's terrible!" Maybe, if one has found Indian food not to one's liking, one might live in Bangkok without any intention of ever visiting Dosa King.
  10. Be sure to try some ba mee: From the ba mee lady: Everything is fresh made, even her noodles!
  11. Knowing I liked chicken rice, our Singaporean friends took us to Pow Sing. It is the only culinary memory I have of our 5 days in Singapore.
  12. Since all Thai food isn't necessarily spicy, some of the "dumbing down" for Western tastes involves avoiding other ingredients. Around Bangkok, although rarely found in restaurants, there are many carts and stalls that specialize in guts. Curdled blood is standard in many soups and other dishes. As far as the States goes, even restaurants around LA's huge Thai population avoid the innards.
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