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  1. Anybody have their knives sharpened at the Sharpening House on West Blvd? The Meat Market is in my neighbourhood, so that is an option as well. Where did the original poster end up going? Were you happy with the job? For what it is worth, my knives are henckel.
  2. Thank you everyone for your help! emmalish, thanks for the link to Golda's--wow, what a site. I have bookmarked that one for future use.
  3. Thanks everybody for your help. A couple of you wrote about the coupon: What paper would I find this in? Cheers!
  4. Does anyone know if I can get Wilton 3D cake pans in town? Do you know a good place to source a large variety of cake pans? We are making a homemade 1st birthday cake for our son, and are looking for a train pan (we know we can make train cars out of loaf cakes, but looking to cut down on time), and or a large slab cake pan. Thanks.
  5. Great Suggestions. We've eaten at Steelhead Diner before, and liked it. We also love Greek food, so Vios sounds like a nice option. Anyone else?
  6. Hello, We will be spending a couple of days down in Seattle this week, and we are wondering about family friendly dining. We will be staying in the U-district, but have our car. Our little guy is just over 5 months, and generally very well behaved. Any suggestions?
  7. Regarding the stainless steel water bottles...I don't know what you consider too much, but I do know the Capers carries them. There were quite a few sizes , and I believe I saw one for about $20.
  8. My MIL makes it every year, but we eat it for breakfast on Christmas morning. She serves it with a mushroom gravy, eggs, and fresh fruit. A tasty treat, but a bit heavy for breakfast for my liking. My hubby loves it, and can't wait for Christmas.
  9. Just back to Vancouver, from a weekend trip to Seattle. We had dinner on Saturday at Steelhead, and it was great. We will certainly be going back. We sat at the chef's counter and had a great view of the goings-on. Told them upon sitting that we were on a tight schedule, as we had the ballet to attend at 7:30. Great food, fab service, and very reasonably priced. They have a private seating area that may be just right for your "get to know each other" evening. Have fum/
  10. I just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions. Hubby and I had a wonderful trip. A special "thanks" to Tighe for suggesting Waterfront. We had a wonderful meal, on a beautiful night. The service was amazing and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was nice, "clean" food, and I really, really enjoyed my crab cakes!!!! We did explore Ballard, and are looking forward to going back and exploring it a bit more. We ended up at the farmer's market in the U-district on Saturday morning and found ourselves in heaven. The amount and quality of your organic produce is amazing. We were very jealous that you have access to such a great weekly market. I love our UBC (our university farm) farmer's market, but it doesn't compare. We will be trying out some of your other suggestions in September, when we return for the opening of the PNB season. Thanks again...you guys are wonderful .
  11. Thank you both for your suggestions, and the link. We will look over and see what we think. Any other suggestions...doesn't have to be seafood. Any places worth checking out for breakfast/brunch? Cheers.
  12. My hubby and I will be making our way to Seattle this Friday for the weekend, and are looking for a little culinary advice. We will be celebrating our anniversary on Saturday, and are looking for suggestions as to where to eat; however, I am pregnant, and am having a hard time with nausea still . Right now I can't stand onions and garlic (two of my usual favourite things), and anything very spicy. I am better in the morning, then the evening, but I also have good days. Seafood sounds good to me right now, as long as it doesn't have any heavy sauces. Clean, unadulterated foods are most easy to digest. Sorry about the crazy restrictions...I can't help it. We will be staying in the U district, but will have our car, so we don't mind travelling. Does anyone have any suggestions for us? Thanks in advance for your help .
  13. Hubby and I went to Bisset, on Westham on Wednesday. We were the only ones picking and picked approx 14 lbs in about 35 minutes. The berries were very flavourful. We brought some to our neighbours, and they stopped by today to ask where we got them, as they were so good. They were the first strawberries that their 10-month old daughter would eat. Maxmillan, I know you said that you wanted something closer to home, but Bisset doesn't spray their berries.
  14. We've got a Weber Q on our deck. We've had it for a year now, and are still in with it. There was a spot on bbq's on CTV news the other night, and the Weber Q was rated excellent, much better then many of the bigger, higher BTU brands. We also have the cart, which is great...makes it even more portable. Enjoy!
  15. Had a nice brunch at Provence on West 10th a couple weeks ago. Glad that I booked ahead, as the room is busy and reservations looked like they were a must. The only thing that I don't like about the room is that is a little loud. Food and service was good. The menu has a good selection of sweet or savoury, which both my dining partener and I appreciated. Thinking of going again soon.
  16. In Thursday's Vancouver Sun, there was an article on a Vegan/Raw food window called Gorilla Food. It is located at 422 Richards St. and there is a website too. Gorilla Food I am not a vegan, nor have I tried it, but it did look interesting. If you happen to be downtown, you could check it out. Report back if you go, and let us know what it's like!
  17. [Please drop in... 4675 Arbutus Street. We will see how hours of 11am to 9pm work, seven days a week.] Is this the same little strip mall where M&M is?
  18. I heard on the news that it would cost the average business approx. $500.00 to make this 1% change. I am pretty sure that the figure doesn't include the loss that a business may be facing due to stock on hand (bought with 7% tax), which they must sell now with a 6% tax. A penny here, a penny there...it all adds up.
  19. Picked strawberries (so good ) last Saturday on Westham Island, and a number of the farms were going to be starting raspberry u-pick this weekend. Hubby and I had a great time exploring an area in the GVRD that neither of us had ever been to. We are going back to stock up on raspberries. Don't forget to bring and hat and slather on the sunscreen.
  20. The Nyala on 4th Avenue is no more. I noticed about a month ago that everything inside had been removed, and as I drove by on Thursday I noted the building is now gone . Not sure if it's already been listed on the opening/closing thread.
  21. I was in the US just over a month ago, and I believe that El Paseo Del Norte is now closed--sorry Keith
  22. I was walking on fourth yesterday, and noted the Presto Cucina is now open. It is a bright, open room, with lots of booths and brick. Big red neon sign outside that said "OPEN", but nobody was inside. In my mind it doesn't quite 'fit' the street ( Disclosure statement: I must admit I was an original Romios patron, having been there on their opening day), but I wish them all the best! Cheers, gourmetgal
  23. Oh Coop, put me out of my misery...was it Magnolia's back in the '80's? I was a young girl back then , and was very excited to eat in a "grown up" restaurant. I even called my mom to see if she remembered its name, but unfortunately menopause took her memory a couple of years ago. Please, what was its name? Cheers, MD PS. I too am an e-gullet addict. I went cold turkey in December, because my addiction was interfering with my work and home life. I have already fallen off the wagon.
  24. The permanent structure by the old wood roller coaster used to have (don't know if they still do) the best vanilla shakes . Yum.
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