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  1. thank you for the welcome and for confirming my suspicions that i am not the only person on the planet who loves pork rinds see mike, they're not gross n.b. mike, my husband, trims all the fat and grizzle from everything and needs absolutely no variation in texture or flavor in order to qualify it as meat
  2. pork rinds any kind'll do not just the rollets in the bag you can buy at the local queens bodega but the real chicharon kind (with salt and lime juice) disgusting i'm going to hell too...that's ok i bet they have lots of pork rinds there
  3. Mayhaw - you're very welcome. The bottomless pit that is my husband is 40'ish and 6'0" and doen't weigh anywhere remotely close to two (hundred) and a half. Tell your son he's got @ 25 or so good years till it starts catching up to you.
  4. Rach - worth the trip, in any case. no?
  5. My situation is quite different. There's my husband and there's me. He loves to eat and I love to cook. He's a musician and I'm in the food buiness and we both have very strange days. Saturday and Sunday I cook. And cook and cook and cook. For the entire week. This way - he's less prone to calling me during the week to ask "What've we got to eat?" I try to refrain from telling him to open the fridge door, bend at the waist and face south. If it's in his face he's less bewildered. I also try to keep everything somewhat portion controlled - which only means he re-heats the contents of two tupperwares instead of one. Week nights - it's the living room. The couches are covered with blankets, of course. (Occassionally the tv gods re-locate his mouth and spillage occurs.) No television for our meals on weekends - we eat at the table. The problem is that the only two meals we get to enjoy together take hours of prep and are actually consumed in twenty minutes. We are both trying to make an effort to slow down. I'm trying to keep it like it was when I was growing up. Attendance was mandatory at the dinner table and consumption of every course was required by my parents because that's what it was like when they were kids. Kudos to you for your efforts. They'll appreciate it when they get older.
  6. le bernadin le bernadin le bernadin any recommendations for an equally perfect experience?
  7. how about "I'd like a double eXpresso, please." there never was, nor ever will be an x in espresso
  8. !!!INLAWS!!! please, call me a food snob, but my entire family is italian - all of them off the boat - all of them great cooks my husband's side - a completely different story my sister-in-law put live lobster into tomato sauce 6 years ago and served us 10 mins later - i haven't eaten lobster since my mother-in-law served a salad straight out of the lettuce bag - coupons and all yummy! made me wonder about the care she took with the prime rib - hmmm?
  9. rosie wish that's what i could do. my husband's a musician and working on new year's eve. so, i gotta go. i'd much rather stay home and celebrate QUIETLY. have a happy.
  10. Always reading On Food and Cooking. Just finished Ruth's compilation Endless Feasts. Also Gray's The Element's of Taste.....all this tastes that pull and tastes that push.....very very heady stuff. Right now, on to Narayan's Monsoon Diary.
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