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  1. There's also th Boyajian Pure Citrus Oils: Lemon, Lime and Orange. I have used the lemon oil to luster dust fondant, royal icing and white chocolate plastic. I just checked my bottle and as far as I can see it's a pure all natural citrus oil. I bought my oil at a Gourmet specialty shop here in Canada but it must be available in the states as it is packaged by Boyajian, Inc. Canton MA. Hope that helps. D.
  2. I am also interested in the method of tempering chocolate in a Mold'art melter as I have just started a new job where I have use of one. I have never used one before and am looking forward to brushing up my chocolate work/decor skills. How exactly does one temper in a Mold'art melter? D. PS what I understood from their on line manual is that the machine melts and holds the tempered chocolate but the tempering itself is done outside of the machine..ie on a marble slab. Is there an easier way?
  3. chocklateer


    I have a lovely piece of skate in my freezer that I need to consume soon!!! Only, I'm a little short of a)knowledge of the best way to cook it b) ideas for a yummy but simple(flavours-wise) preparation. Thanks for your help! D.
  4. Maggie, I once sifted some cocoa powder a little too close to my bowl of whites that were about to be whipped and found my self with a bowl of whites with a film of cocoa powder on top. I too thought I was done for as I too had always been told that ANY TRACES OF FAT(does the 18% in cocoa count?) would inhibit whites from beating properly. However, they were just fine: fluffy and voluminous! So... I wonder too...is it just a myth? Or perhaps a fine line between chance and disaster? d.
  5. I was so looking forward to trying the Brazilian restaurant "Exotico"on Charles(at Commercial)out as a co worker of mine from Brazil recommended it to me; however today she told me it had closed! Does anyone know what happened there? Have they relocated?
  6. the rootbeer caviar does sound fun! A thought I had when I first read the beginnings of this thread was "what about a rootbeer sabayon?" Emily Luchetti does a gingerale sabayon in one of her books. I don't see why you couldn't sub rootbeer for the gingerale. Just thought I'd toss that out there...maybe for next time. D.
  7. My client described it to me as a cake or cakes which could be tiered like steps which I take to mean staggered display pedestals. He's talking about a whole cake(s)- not slices-the likes of which I've never seen or heard. I can't imagine cutting through layers of puff and pastry cream to serve it in a dignified & appetizing manner...never mind the bride and grooms first cut. And he definitely did say layers of puff pastry...not crepes...too bad because I've been wanting a reason to try out the crepe cakes. Highchef, what you describe as a mille feuille but with more layers and less filling sounds like what my client is describing. If you find that picture I'd appreciate it. BTW, what is a dobage cake? Thanks everyone for your input ....I'll keep looking and if in the meantime you have any more suggestions I'd appreciate them! D.
  8. I have a client who wants a Napolean cake for his wedding cake. He described to me a cake that sounded similar to a napolean slice(or mille feuille): pastry cream layered with puff pastry (several layers tall)...no actual 'cake' is involved. He said it was a traditional cake in his family. I googled Napolean cake but didn't come up with much. Anybody have any suggestions/ heard of this cake before? Thanks in advance, D.
  9. Medium sugar is also known as Coarse Sugar or Sanding Sugar. Hope this helps your search. I get it from Snowcap thru work, so I'm not too familar with where you can get it retail. However, I think I saw it at Famous foods....you may want to check there. D.
  10. I've been to Marcello's many times. I go for the housemade pastas and pizzas which I love. I do not go for the service (in fact whenever I go with company, I always warn them about the service). Perhaps, because my expectations for service are low I am not disappointed. In any case I enjoy Marcello's and I'll go back.
  11. Wow Ling! I love your re-invention of this classic dessert. Verily inspired and inspiring! Looking forward to watching the next challenge unfold! This is a great thread...Thanks Kerry! D.
  12. I'm new to this. Here it goes anyway...my guess for the next blogger is... SweetSide. BTW, I love reading about and experiencing other people's food lives in this forum. Thankyou to all for sharing!!! D.
  13. Are you looking for bottomless tart rings? If so, you might try the Ming Wo in Chinatown(they used to carry them @ $.99 each) or Cookworks on Broadway had some for $1.99 each. D.
  14. Thanks CanadianBakin'! I'll take a look at London Drugs and see if I can find it. D.
  15. I have finally caught up with the times and now own a computer! Yay! One of the main reasons I have stepped into the 21st century is that I have a small(very..at the moment) dessert business that is beginning to grow. I want to be able to have my usual and any new recipes easily and quickly costed out so I can give quotes to my clients sooner and without the headache of doing it manually. I've googled "recipe costing" and came up with many many options. However, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or feed back on the software that they use...Keep in mind I'm a complete novice! Thanks! D.
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