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  1. Hi everyone, I live in Long Island, New York. The mushrooms sprouted in my garden and there are so many that it is kind of scary. My mom picked those. It wasn't until after I posted that I actually went to go look at them. They grow in clumps and in all sizes. I can't tell you diameter since I threw those out. Would a picture of the growing clumps help?
  2. Thank you for all the responses. I hoped they were one of the easily identifiable kinds but since it doesn't seem to be, I will just leave them alone. They took over my garden
  3. Hi everyone, With all the rain we have been getting in NY, my backyard has sprouted a ton of mushrooms. They smell delicious and I would like to eat them but I don't want to eat something poisonous. Does anyone recognize these and can they be eaten? Thanks in advance.
  4. How does everyone store their turkey leftovers? sliced? I've tried slicing and putting into Ziplocs but then the meat gets dry and falls apart. I have also tried cutting turkey into chunks (ie. legs, breast, thighs) and storing in Ziplocs but then it just doesn't get eaten because no one wants to deal with cutting it up. Every time I roast a turkey, I seem to end up throwing half of it out. Help!
  5. Hi all, I want to try baking bread in my combination microwave/toaster oven but I'm unsure what bakeware is safe to put in it. I can't find the manual either. Is aluminimum foil ok on the toaster oven setting? Are metal pans? Do i need to buy all ceramic bakeware? If yes, what kind? Any experiences about baking in one of these is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Please bear with me as this is my first long post so there may be some mistakes. I have followed this thread for years and shared it with all my friends. At much urging from my boyfriend, I hereby add my worst meal. In my case it was actually a day of the worst food in my life. One day during summer vacation long past (I was about 9 or 10 years old), my aunt told me she needed to go out that day with her new husband's family on some business. She gave me the choice of staying home or going with her. To this day, I rue my choice. It is a day forever lost to me. My aunt and her husband wer
  7. I can't decide who to vote for since they are both so awful. Rory scares me with her gummy smile. Amy comes across as fake. Amy's smile seems manic sometimes and she is not someone I would want to watch. Of the 3 of them, I really liked Jag and I'm sorry for the way things turned out. Overall, this is my first season watching this show and I'm not sure I will even watch the finale. These 2 contestants are just so painfully horrible.
  8. Nomina

    Sausage Making

    For pigs blood, you might try the Chinese markets. I see it sold sometimes in blocks.
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